05 October, 2008


These short October posts are inspired by the wonderful woman in this photo. Every Wednesday on her blog is a "Wordless Wednesday" - where a picture tells the story. When Bella (in the middle) was little Juliette's age, this family was my New York family. They warmly welcomed me into their lives for two years while I was a part-time nanny for Bella..

I learned to understand French at a toddler's level, I went through potty training, the Upper West Side was our playground. Kate and "Wanna" were our buddies, restaurants were a special treat, and a trip on the subway was a huge deal. Goldfish were our food of choice, Georgie was never not at Bella's side, and naptime was just a waiting period until we could play again.

When Jack was on the way, they moved to New Jersey & I helped them pack and unpack. The NJ house seemed like a mansion, and the pool in the backyard would soon become a favorite activity. I took the bus out there once or twice a week... I remember when Bella got glasses and when newborn Jack would cry for hours on end. And I remember Bella going to preschool and Jack and I going to pick her up. And I remember nervously driving the two kids to "Tomo Tomo". And I remember thinking that THIS was it. This was LIFE.

And although I don't see them nearly as often as I would like, and although I've only seen baby JuJu in person a few times, I love being able to keep in touch with their daily adventures via the blogging phenomenon. And I'm forever grateful to them for giving me a safe haven those first few years in this crazy city.

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