13 January, 2010


According to Wikipedia (one of my favorite sites): an old wives' tale is a type of urban legend, similar to a proverb, which is generally passed down by old wives to a younger generation. Such 'tales' usually consist of superstition, folklore or unverified claims with exaggerated and/or untrue details. Today old wives' tales are still common among children in school playgrounds. Old wives' tales often concern pregnancy, puberty and nutrition.

A friend of a friend has told me that eating eggplant can start labor (it happened to his sister). I've also heard that of eating spicy foods. So what did I do with this information? I Googled it, of course.

And came across this blog, and this restaurant (with a claim that more than 300 babies have been born to mothers who ate their Eggplant Parm just 48 hours before), and this baby foodie site...

But the best thing I came across was this story below - I love it! Maybe I'll try one of these foods for lunch today. If it works, I'll let you know :)

"I just ran into my neighbor Wendy, who in the course of talking about births and such, told me about another food-to-labor anecdote. A week past her due date, Wendy told me, she and her husband Mark went to Amherst Chinese because she’d heard that certain spices were thought to stimulate labor. Just after she ordered Mu Shu Chicken, she went into labor, so they asked to have the food to go. In the car on the way home, Wendy opened her fortune cookie and it read: Don’t wait."

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