06 August, 2011

HONEYMOON - Day 1, Traveling (Part I)

We've embarked on our honeymoon. A whole week together, just my husband & me. On the opposite coast from our beautiful daughter (we love you even from 2700 miles away!) and headed toward some beautiful national parks.

After precious few hours of sleep, we arrived at BWI at 5:30 AM. We parked our Nissan Sentra in the Econopark lot and took a shuttle (with the happiest shuttle driver ever) to the terminal, where we checked one bag, got some breakfast sandwiches, and boarded the plane. Our seats were 39B (middle) and 39C (aisle). I love my husband; he's taller than me; so I took the middle seat. I love my husband so much that I didn't even ask him to switch with me when one of the largest gentlemen I'd ever seen told us he had 39A... the window seat (seat - singular - being a relative term). I got to love my husband even more as I pressed ever closer to him each passing hour of the 4 hour and 2 minute flight, while my window seat neighbor slowly oozed over into my personal space.

Somehow the time passed quickly and painlessly enough and we de-planed in Salt Lake City for a short layover before boarding the smallest plane I've ever been on to make the quick hop over to Fresno.

An hour later, our 3 bags and the 2 of us were driving up 41N toward Oakhurst, CA in our 2012 Spider. Yes, we did feel pretty cool... even despite the blazing hot mid-day sun.

We arrived at Oak Cottage Bed & Breakfast. We set ourselves up in the Rose Room. We took a quick dip in the pool. And then we went out for a drive to explore the area. 
We ended up at El Cid, at the recommendation of Carol - our B&B hostess - and ate our fill of some delicious Mexican food while sitting at a table with a view that overlooked the mountains. Stuffed and satisfied and sleepy, we headed back to the B&B, cuddled up to a movie and drifted off to sleep.

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