21 April, 2010

R.A. + J.W.

Less than 60 days before I get hitched... and I can't think of much else!  If you want to keep up with what I'm doing/thinking/planning for over the next 2 months, visit WHILE WE LOVE.

i want to grow old with you
so you can lend me your arm
as we take slow walks around the mall

& you can kiss my cheek during the day
& my forehead at night
& I could sleep safely in your embrace
from our first day
until our last breath
& my pains would be yours
& your joys would be mine

& we could eat at little diners
& notice young couples
glancing at us 
while we love
still as our wrinkles
& gray hairs have become abundant

& our speech softer than it used to be 
& our hands would feel empty
if not filled with the other’s heart 
& soul
& our bodies would wither
without the warmth of synchronized touch

& time will be less important 
& age won’t matter


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Rachel, You've always been wise beyond your years... I loved this poem when you wrote it after Grandma Ayers died... I appreciate it even more now because your Dad and I are growing old together... I'm so happy for you, because you have found the love of your life... the person you want to experience these feelings with as you journey through life together... and you now understand the depth of your poetry... I love you xoxo mom