31 October, 2008


Halloween candy bowl at work. Sugar high!!


Some goals I'd like to reach by my next birthday:

* Reduce my personal debt by at least 50% *
* Have a new, fabulous apartment in Astoria *
* Run the New York City marathon *
* Possibly try vegetarianism for a year *

I've got another 350 days to make these things happen.
Hold me to 'em!

29 October, 2008


Whomever you pray to. Whomever you are. If you're reading this, please send up prayers of healing. And keep my brother & his family in your thoughts.

28 October, 2008


A few cool things from a good friend's blog:

this beautiful picture of a city that I miss dearly

this interesting website that a kid from Iceland made for the upcoming election

and this link which makes me say "Awww... look how cute he is!"


I'm not sure if I fully agree with the statement, "Chivalry is dead". But I sure do witness it a lot less often than I'd like. However - the exception to this phrase that I've come to realize in the last couple of months while working on the 12th floor: elevator chivalry.

I take an elevator everyday - usually 2 to 4 times per day - which is something I'm not used to doing. And no matter what the ages of the men and women in the elevator, when we reach the lobby ALL the men ALWAYS stand there & wait for the women to exit first. A small gesture. And a nice one.

Turns out chivalry is not dead. At least inside the elevator.


While making an opening night playlist, I came across a song on my computer that I haven't listened to in about a year. And it startled me a little, for I stopped listening to it on purpose back then - a song by Ryan Adams that hit me in the center of my heart.

Although my initial instinct was to protect myself and skip it right away... I chose instead to listen, and to sing the lyrics, holding my shoulders with both hands. And I took those 2 and a 1/2 minutes to let that beautiful, if heart-wrenching, music fill a crease in my soul.

27 October, 2008


I am disgusted by this.

Have we really not moved beyond assassinations?
And skinheads? And racist stupidity?

Apparently not.

I feel blessed to live in a city where acceptance is readily available.
And I feel upset by the fact that this is rare instead of normal.

26 October, 2008


Watching my team today. And waiting for Price's comments about how disappointed she is in me for calling them "my team".

25 October, 2008


The Union Square Green Market is one of my favorite things about New York. And I'm determined to go there today - rain or shine! The hot apple cider is calling my name...


Although reading is a favorite past-time of mine, I never really envisioned myself as a member of book club. Or at least not before I was old enough to own a house and have a few babies. But my current "ladies only" book club is one of my new favorite things! We've only met twice... and it's too bad that we're all so busy we can hardly meet more than once a month.

These ladies are smart and funny and challenging and entertaining. It is a pleasure to spend time with them & it increases my understanding of the book we've just read. Rock on, ladies. Rock. On. See you next month!

24 October, 2008


Pretty cool & inspiring - no matter who you're voting for.


I so enjoy all 17 actors under my one theatrical roof.
They're funny, smart, kind, caring, and very talented.
I feel like it's a bit of a love fest... at least for me!

22 October, 2008


This guy is a genius when it comes to musicals.
And anyone who knows me, knows I love musicals.
And I'm meeting with him tomorrow morning.

My job is so cool.


This is what I wanted all day long.
And it is so satisfying to finally have it!
Ah... the little things in life...

20 October, 2008


My very talented cousin's gate-pushing skills. Not to mention his bandmate's catlike reflexes. This video cracks me up.


Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.


To Mr. & Mrs. Price:

whoever came up with the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding reception is my personal hero. The pictures are amazing and hilarious.

Can we please re-create this night every year on your anniversary?


To my Boston boys (and gal)...
there's always next year!

17 October, 2008


Oh, my exploding heart
To be surrounded by so much love
Is wonderfully overwhelming

16 October, 2008


Happy Birthday, Libra!

You're a thinker that requires ample time and space to sift through details and arrive at your own conclusions. Your thinking is not always orderly or predictable. Some view you as logical and cool-headed, but that's only because they haven't witnessed your moody, imaginative side. Dreams, fantasies, and wishful thinking can sometimes crowd out other thoughts.

Highly sensitive and creative, you listen to others more with your spirit than your physical ear. You're adept at telling stories and able to keep others' rapt attention. Even reading bedtime stories to children becomes a treat.

As many times as you are judicious and balanced in your views, you can also be reactive and argumentative. A study in sharp contrasts, you are a memorable friend. Although you have little patience for others' repetitive goof-ups, you're loyal and supportive when needed. You are discerning and expect the best, and are unwilling to accept excuses in lieu of results.

Trustworthy and loyal, very passionate, playful but secretive, fearless and independent.

15 October, 2008


A mate I met recently
introduced me to another mate of his,
and I must say...
having a nosh with two Aussies is a fun, sweet occasion.

14 October, 2008


Dinner and a movie is one of my favorite things to do.
Even better when you get to catch up with an old friend as well!

13 October, 2008


Look at that glow.
That is happiness, my friends.
Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Price.

10 October, 2008


I got home at 10pm. I meant to pack already.
I meant to clean. I meant to write a toast.
Instead I procrastinated for 2 and a 1/2 hours.
And now, instead of getting up and doing those things,
I'm blogging... about procrastinating. Ironic?

08 October, 2008


A rushing wall of water this big and this powerful is a beautiful sight. Except when it's happening in your theatre. And on accident. And drenching your set. And canceling your shows. And causing extra work. And will take days to fully clean up. I feel fairly certain now that no amount of fire or smoke could ever withstand my Water Deluge System... it is SERIOUS.

07 October, 2008


My new favorite alternative to coffee.
It's tasty and nutritious and I get a "free boost" of energy.
And free boosts of energy are much needed right now.

06 October, 2008


although you're soon to be a Price
a part of you will always be
this young Denholm to me

05 October, 2008


These short October posts are inspired by the wonderful woman in this photo. Every Wednesday on her blog is a "Wordless Wednesday" - where a picture tells the story. When Bella (in the middle) was little Juliette's age, this family was my New York family. They warmly welcomed me into their lives for two years while I was a part-time nanny for Bella..

I learned to understand French at a toddler's level, I went through potty training, the Upper West Side was our playground. Kate and "Wanna" were our buddies, restaurants were a special treat, and a trip on the subway was a huge deal. Goldfish were our food of choice, Georgie was never not at Bella's side, and naptime was just a waiting period until we could play again.

When Jack was on the way, they moved to New Jersey & I helped them pack and unpack. The NJ house seemed like a mansion, and the pool in the backyard would soon become a favorite activity. I took the bus out there once or twice a week... I remember when Bella got glasses and when newborn Jack would cry for hours on end. And I remember Bella going to preschool and Jack and I going to pick her up. And I remember nervously driving the two kids to "Tomo Tomo". And I remember thinking that THIS was it. This was LIFE.

And although I don't see them nearly as often as I would like, and although I've only seen baby JuJu in person a few times, I love being able to keep in touch with their daily adventures via the blogging phenomenon. And I'm forever grateful to them for giving me a safe haven those first few years in this crazy city.


Electricity is amazing.
Especially when you get it back after not having it for 2 days.
At this late hour, I'm particularly amazed by it & grateful for it!

03 October, 2008


Final Dress tonight.
There will be an audience.
There will be a new lobby.
Come see it!

02 October, 2008


The burger was almost as good as the company.
And I only used two napkins - false advertising.