30 December, 2009


One of my favorite things about daily life is listening to the songs that pop in and out of my beau's head... today alone he's sung snippets of Journey's Can You Take Me High Enough, Ragtime's We Can Never Go Back To Before, the standard holiday carol I'll Be Home For Christmas...

He sings in the shower. He sings at the computer. He sings while washing dishes. I see a lifetime of serenading in my future... I think I'm okay with that :)

29 December, 2009


Can't afford to quit working, yet can't afford daycare on current wages. I now fully understand the phrase.

Maybe ignorance IS bliss...

28 December, 2009


Christmas is over. Well, at least in our home. There might be over-played carols on the radio until New Year's and glitzy decorations still lining the streets, but less than 6 hours after our holiday guests were on the road, our apartment has been fully restored to "regular" shape - ornaments away, lights carefully wrapped up, trash bundled, and tree outside. I'm not sure what it was that made me want to get back to "normal" life so quickly this year... but I think it has something to do with nesting instincts and a baby due date that is just around the corner.

27 December, 2009


To wake me up today at 7:30 - a dream filled with apprehension about what our baby will look like. To keep me tossing and turning the night before - a dream that left me wondering, bleary-eyed, if I will be a good parent. To add to the anticipation of Christmas Eve - a dream of going into early labor and wondering who will finish the last few things I need to get done at work. The time is upon us! It fills my thoughts during the day and through the night.


When I look up the word APPREHENSION there are 3 definitions:
fearful or uneasy anticipation of the future ahead
the act of seizing or capturing, arresting
the ability to apprehend or understand

Yep. I think that's the perfect word for how I feel right now - knowing that there are only 4 weeks left (28 days... or less!) until:
I have a child
I am a parent
I am responsible for a life other than my own.

And I fit every definition of that word - at the same time uneasy and yet understanding of what is about to occur, as the waves of feelings come upon me suddenly and without warning, seizing my heart and mind.

25 December, 2009


Though I miss my family this Christmas morning, I am surprisingly comforted with the joy of being in New York carving out new traditions with a family that has already embraced me as one of their own... and waking up on this Christmas morning with a man that I love dearly, feeling our child move within me, knowing the promise of Christmases ahead as the three of us become our own family - well, that is a true tiding of comfort and joy.

22 December, 2009


An interesting article proving that the debate between commercial theatre and non-profit theatre (and where to draw the line between the two) is far from over...

CLICK HERE to read from the NY Times website.

19 December, 2009


On a morning whim, we're headed out to see this newest action-adventure-3-D-James-Cameron movie... before we can't head out on a whim anymore! Hope it's worth the arm & the leg. (How do people afford to pay for both entertainment AND babysitting?)


We graduated!
As you can see by this very official certificate, we are now the proud graduates of our childbirth course. Our final class was a tour of the hospital - we saw the construction-laden entrance (as they work to improve the outside appearance), the slow but spacious elevators to the 8th floor (where we'll head as soon as we're in labor), the "triage" room where it'll be determined by a nurse whether or not we should be admitted into the hospital or if we're having a false alarm, the labor and delivery room (complete with private bathroom, shower, and all the fancy medical equipment you could want), and the cramped-but-who-cares-because-you'll-have-your-BABY-to-keep-you-occupied recovery room (where we'll spend about 2 days after delivery until we get to go home).

And when walking by the nursery we got the special treat of seeing an hours-old newborn, who cried his or her eyes out for about 5 seconds before apparently wearing himself or herself out and promptly falling asleep. Oh, they're so cute. I can't believe we're having one & she's almost here!!


It's supposed to snow today. A lot. Enough to have almost a foot of it by tomorrow morning. I wonder if it will... I do so love the first snowfall.


Our 4th childbirth class was all about baby care: we learned to give a baby sponge bath, to put on a diaper, to swaddle the baby, to care for the umbilical cord, to determine what was a "normal" after-birth side effect and when to call the doctor instead, to expect around 10 diaper changes a day, to always position the baby on her back to sleep... much to remember! However, when you're using a hard, plastic, inflexible baby doll on which to practice all of these things - well, I'm not sure how helpful it will truly be - especially when we have a soft, little, real baby who can't hold up her head. But at least we'll know what we're supposed to be doing - even if it takes us a few times before we get it right!


Recently we got the cool experience of a free screening of the latest movie/musical NINE. Free tickets, free popcorn, free drink, free pre-show entertainment from the ladies in front of us who wanted to sit together but got there too late and made it everyone else's problem, and free viewing of starry people who were there in person to help introduce the film.

I know it's impossible to actually tell from this picture, but not 30 feet in front of us there was this amazing actress, and there was this daughter of Goldie, and there was this diva of the silver screen, and this incredible actor. Plus the director of the film (who went to my college - go, Point Park!). A fun night all around - and did I mention it was free? That was definitely the best part :)

16 December, 2009


Our baby is smart. She's turned herself around so that she's finally in the vertex position (head down, ready to be born as naturally as possible).

She had us worried there for a minute, but in her own time she figured it out. I'm already so proud of her!

13 December, 2009


Finally finished this non-fiction thriller: a combination between a fascinating exploration of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, and a terrible accounting of a secret serial killer who ran rampant through the fair and beyond. A few quotes worth noting from this book...

* This book is about the evanescence of life, and why some men choose to fill their brief allotment of time engaging the impossible, other in the manufacture of sorrow.

* I get so tired sitting that I could get up and fly almost.

* It takes no end of time and worry to get a thing settled right but only a second to have orders given out for a wrong thing to be done.

* The fair taught men and women steeped only in the necessary to see that cities did not have to be dark, soiled, and unsafe bastions of the strictly pragmatic. They could also be beautiful.

09 December, 2009


Either an amazingly well-planned surprise baby shower was thrown for me at work today, or I am just really good at overlooking potentially surprise-ruining antics.

Having my first restless night of sleep last night (not comfortable in the bed, tried a rocking chair for an hour or so, then ended up half-sleeping on the couch) contributed to my less-than-ideal mood this morning and an apathy toward the work day ahead. During the first part of my day - when I was reconciling credit card receipts, paying bills, setting up tickets and other less-than-exciting tasks - there was apparently a cat getting out of the bag when a co-worker, not realizing I was there in the office, yelled across the hall: "So what's going on with this baby shower today?!" But did I hear it? Not at all. Then after a lunch date with a dear friend, I went to the theatre to check in on the student matinee - and was feeling so exhausted and cranky that I really thought about checking out and going home early. Except that there was a meeting scheduled late in the afternoon to discuss the constant leaks in the theatre and how to continue dealing with them, so I knew I had to stay.

The meeting was in a small lounge overlooking the main theatre lobby - and it started 15 minutes late - and it seemed like no one was actually talking about our leaks or how to better deal with them, but instead fondly recalling all the leaks at other theatres where they've worked in the past... and man, was I getting frustrated! (Little did I know it was a fake meeting.) About 10 minutes later, our maintenance guy popped his head in and said we just sprung a new, huge leak in the main lobby and we needed to come down and deal with it right away. Being that it poured that morning, and leaks were exactly what we were discussing, this was more maddening than surprising and I began cursing the gods. Leaving the lounge, I heard lots of talking from the lobby below and even looked out over the ledge to see a few people from the education staff and the actors from our show gathered there... but as we just had a student matinee, I thought nothing of it. Walking down the stairs to the lobby - silently swearing to myself that the next time I get 3 hours of sleep and it's pouring in the morning and I'm 33 weeks pregnant I would just stay in bed - I still had not the slightest idea what I was in for... until I turned the corner expecting a puddle of rain water and was greated with a "Surprise!!" and a sea of smiling faces and a cake and gifts and even my beau was there (what a good secret keeper)!

And even still it took me a moment to realize what was happening. And once I did I could barely say thank you because I had already started to cry - probably out of exhaustion and relief and humble gratitude. People from the office made the trek over to the theatre, our press team came too, and the actors, and the education staff, and my boss, and the ushers... a wardrobe supervisor/baker-extraordinaire made the cake, and our house manager got little baby favors, and we received an overwhelmingly generous gift card that should last us until our baby girl can walk!

A surprise indeed. But not surprising that it came from such wonderful people.

05 December, 2009



It's a ballet... no, it's hip-hop... no wait: it's both. And I love it.
(Thanks D for sharing!)


Okay, okay. So our version is a FAR cry from going out into a field with your handsaw and chopping down the biggest fir you can find! But this weekend we'll be getting our Christmas tree - probably from a guy with a tree-stand on the corner near a deli (ah, the NYC charm of it all) - and I'm really looking forward to it. It's been a few years since I've had a real tree - or any tree for that matter - in New York. I can't wait to be able to smell the pine needles in the corner of our apartment; to arrange our furniture so the tree will fit; to re-discover the ornaments and decorate it with lights; to have some holiday cheer right in our living room. And then the best part - to be able to come home, sit on the couch with only the twinkling tree lights casting a glow over the room, with a hot beverage in hand and a book or soothing music nearby... and just be.


After a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, we were back to our childbirth classes this week with a lesson that involved information about baby presentation (what position the baby's in for delivery), cesarean birth and the care for mom & baby afterward, and we practiced pushing positions (without actually pushing... just in case!). We also watched a video and saw a real c-section being performed.

During the class, my partner was playing with my hair at certain points and there was also a constant ticking of the clock on the wall - which allowed me to recognize that both of these things were extremely comforting to me... perhaps some things to remember when I'm trying to recall those relaxation exercises during labor.

Gearing up next week for baby care & the week after is our final one: a visit to the hospital to see where it all happens!

03 December, 2009


A few people (particularly my mom & brother) have commented to me that it can be challenging to leave a comment on my blog...

Well, I want to hear these thoughts!
Be they funny, or advice-giving, or full of love. So I think I've made it a bit easier. No need for a Google account - just enter your name & speak your mind. A one-sided blog can get a bit boring... so enjoy :)


This pedicure was the first 1/2 of my birthday gift from the man I love.

The second 1/2 was a pre-natal massage... which was one of the many ways I knew he loved me back.

01 December, 2009


The definition of faith - so says Aaron Sorkin in the 4th season of The West Wing:
"The substance of things hoped for
and the evidence of things not seen."

30 November, 2009


Until this past weekend, the last time I remember singing "Amazing Grace" was at the funeral for my Grandma Ayers. I have a hazy memory of that day... but I strongly remember how difficult it was to get through that song. I had to focus on only my singing - not the emotion of the day - just to get my voice to sound half-way decent and not simply weep through it. My father's parents held such a special place in my heart & it's bittersweet to be having my first child, knowing that she'll never get to meet those wonderful people.

But, as always, life's circle keeps spinning and going 'round...

This weekend, at our baby shower, we sang "Amazing Grace" again. And this time - with a room full of people that I love dearly - I didn't even try to sing well... I had no choice but to let the emotion of the moment take over and I cried with the best of them. And as I listened to the words and saw my own parents, I realized that they will be my daughter's Grandma & Grandpa Ayers. And although she'll not know the exact grandparents I had - she'll know my parents, her grandparents. And there will be a bond between the three of them that's just as special.

Ah, Life. You're so wonderful.

28 November, 2009


... for the quiet morning kitchen moment between just me and dad; for the bustling in the house as 7 of us tried to get ready in time with just 1 bathroom; for the classic blunder of forgetting the key to let us into the hall when 17 of us miraculously showed up at exactly the same time; for families meeting other families and everyone - 5 different clans that all seemed 1 family that day - getting along like old friends; for the grace that made me cry; for delicious food prepared with love; for cornhole and fierce competition; for rock band and raw talent; for the moment between just me and mom when she felt the baby move; for a thanksgiving to remember with blessings too rich to count.

24 November, 2009


Road trip to Ohio tomorrow!

Can't get there fast enough :)

It all starts in 8 hours...

23 November, 2009


One of the questions in my pregnancy diary (yep, I've got one) is "What is the nicest thing a stranger has done for you recently?" I could never think of something more original than "given up his/her seat for me on the subway" ... which, of course, is nice - but I wanted something better.

Well, this morning, a little old lady in our neighborhood won the prize. She passed us slowly as we were walking down the sidewalk, clothed in dark colors & heavy coat, in her babushka and with shuffling feet - she couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall. She looked at me, pointed to my belly, then crossed her fingers on one hand with a knowing smile... and was on her way.

I smiled back and managed a quiet "thank you" before my eyes glazed over with tears. Sweet & simple with no words, but a lot of meaning. Now that's one for the diary.

21 November, 2009


Okay, so it's definitely not as defined as this picture... but I can now see our baby moving while she's still inside me. And she moves. A lot! I feel she has a strong personality already and she lets us know by her movements. When I'm not keeping my posture at its best and sitting at the computer a bit hunched over, she forcefully reminds me that she needs more space! And I get swift couple of kicks to the ribs that makes my chest jump as if I had a sudden violent attack of hiccups. When I'm relaxing with my feet up and my hands on my tummy, she moves into a more comfortable position too - and if I remove my hands and just stay still, I can see movements in my mid-section that seem too unreal to believe. And at night, when we play music to her, sometimes she moves around and sometimes she doesn't - guess it depends on what she likes :)


We've got childbirth class number 2 under our belts... it was all about the labor process & hopefully we'll retain at least some of the knowledge by the time we go to the hospital! We learned about back labor (painful), stimulation of labor, induction of labor, medications in labor (specifically the popular epidural), and the transition phase of labor (the hardest & shortest part).

When I look up the word "labor", 80% of the definitions and examples have to do with work - hard work, the working class. There are only 2 entries that say anything about contractions and childbirth. But I think this example seems to wrap it up best in my mind: "physical or mental work, especially that of a hard or fatiguing kind". We watched a video of 3 different women in labor and by then end - including the woman who had an epidural - they all looked like they had been through exhausting physical and mental work.

The other thing I noticed was that they all had a supportive partner to lean on (sometimes to actually lean on!)... and I am so glad and proud and blessed to have my own partner there with me every step of the way - during these months of pregnancy, during every doctor appointment, during these classes - making me laugh, helping me cry, supporting me in every way he knows how. And I know he'll be an amazing person to labor with when the time comes...

17 November, 2009


We've hit the point where we're officially "getting close" to baby Grace's due date: we've started scheduling OB appointments a mere 2 weeks apart during December, and then once every week in January (every week until she gets here, that is!). We've already scheduled our next six doctor visits... and although it seems like we're being prepared and planning it just right, I know that Grace will come on her own schedule. Perhaps I should surrender to that now instead of getting too wrapped up in my Google Calendar.

16 November, 2009


Well. We're on it. Our first day care wait list.

Yes, it's only November. Yes, Grace is not even born yet. Yes, the earliest spot this particular day care (which we love) has is for April 1st. No, that's not an April Fool's joke.


A night of networking at The Vineyard this evening... walked away with 3 business cards, plans to have a lunch date with a potential new springBOARD member, and a demo CD from a self-promoting composer (good for that guy - it's hard to hand out your own projects all over NYC!). Although I wasn't quite in the mood for it when I woke up this morning, I do love getting together with other young theatre professionals who are working every day - just like me - to create or produce or direct or somehow be a part of the theatre they want to see. It can be very inspiring. Thanks to all who came out to support us tonight!

15 November, 2009


Usually I'm not the person that people at flea markets talk to... I don't seem to inspire the person behind the table of knickknacks to strike up conversation, or to suggest something I might like to buy. Until today - when I went to my first flea market as a pregnant woman.

I was even with a few friends, one of whom had much more interest (and success!) finding treasures than I did. But no matter - the baby belly calls out to people; and those people had things that they thought I should surely have as well: a Winnie-the-Pooh collection, a pregnancy tank top, a Name Your Baby book. Offers galore. At only a few dollars each, I suppose I could've walked out of there with lots of goodies...

14 November, 2009


To start a day here at Martha's with a delightful friend, and end the day here at Sunswick with other delightful friends, and in-between have nothing but couch and nap time with my beau watching this, and this (yes... really), and making dinner - well, that's what I'd call a gloriously restful Saturday.

12 November, 2009


To do: begin childbirth classes... check!

I am pleased to announce that we've made it through our first childbirth class - the introductory class. The class that felt a bit more like middle school sex education than an adult course to help funnel your anxiety into positive, calming action. But overall, I claim it as a success. We did a "Dear Baby" note writing exercise (during which we were the only couple who didn't say that we were nervous), a group discussion about what we hoped to learn in the class, we seemed to pass by "Lamaze" rather quickly with only a few breathing examples, talked about the stages of labor, did a few relaxation techniques (which reminded me of a combination of acting and yoga classes I've had...) and then watched a video.

Mostly what I remember from the class was not the new things I learned, or the notes I took, or the reinforcement of knowledge I already had... but it was the feeling of comparing myself - our couple - to the other 8 or so couples in the room... and seeing how we stacked up!

10 November, 2009


How nice it is to come home to someone who can get excited with you about things... it's a feeling I haven't been able to enjoy in a significant other before, at least not on a true & deep level. It is so encouraging to sit in the living room, graze on dinner, and just talk for an hour or two about things that excite us - work, family, creative projects. That give & take, that complimentary conversation, seems so simple and yet can be one of the hardest things to obtain... but the ability to ignite a spark in someone you love - and to have them spark you right back - well, that is a beautiful thing and surly one not to be taken for granted.

09 November, 2009


Late nights at our place can become a bit slap-happy... we get giggly, for lack of a more adult term. We crack each other up with little things. Here's a glimpse into this evening's funniest moment...

J: It's gonna be so weird when I'm outnumbered by women in our house.
R: I know. What if we had another little girl next... you'd be like your mom, but reversed.
J: Yeah - then I'll at least need a male dog to hang out with.

Moments later, he sits down at his giant 24 inch MAC... and he starts scrolling through the random play on his iTunes, not stopping until he finds something he likes... and all of a sudden I hear familiar lyrics from my childhood: "Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat. Wouldn't you think my collection's complete..."

R: (laughs in admiration)
J: What?

(the Disney song plays out, and after it ends)

J: I love that song.


R: You know... I don't think it will be weird for you to be outnumbered by girls.

08 November, 2009


The best parenting advice I've received so far (from someone who's not my own parent or relative) is this... being a parent is like being a circus trainer (stay with me, here!).

You have the responsibility to lead them across the tightrope - but you can't actually do it with them, they have to cross from one side of that rope to the other on their own. You can hold their hand on the ground, and you can work with them as they are only a few inches off the floor, but eventually they'll get up into the air. And they will fall - at first a lot, and then a little less as they gain their own balance, and then they'll make it successfully all the way to the other side. And as long as there's a net & an encouraging trainer (read: "parent" for both of those things) then they can get up and try again, and again, without fear.

07 November, 2009

I HEART NY: The Movie

I might get to be a small part of this indie documentary film. I've been working with this director (on the left) - he's 1 of 7 New Yorkers being followed around by a camera crew. He's expecting twins about a month before I'm due... so we've been working on this play together while we're both expecting. Pretty cool.

06 November, 2009


It's as if I've suddenly become pregnant. I know it's been slowly creeping up on me these past 6-7 months, and I was just thinking to myself recently that I haven't had any of the stereotypical pregnancy symptoms yet: cravings, mood swings, trouble sleeping, soreness - and then...

Jumping into action, all of these things and more have made themselves aware this past week. Now, I'd like it noted on my record that this week was a particularly busy week - but aren't they all? So I can't think of any excuses for my condition other than the crazy, wonderful miracle that's growing rapidly every day and causing all these delightful side effects.

People keep commenting that I've "popped" and now "you look really pregnant!"... maternity tops that I bought just a month or two ago barely cover my expanding mid-section... I get more winded when climbing the subway stairs... my back is feeling the extra pressure of supporting my ever-growing front... all I want to eat are carbs - pasta, cereal, oatmeal, rice, peanut butter sandwiches, waffles, potatoes... I wake up at least twice every night, taking a while to readjust into a "comfortable" sleeping position... and thankfully, the only moodiness I seem to be noticing is the tired mood, when I immediately want to lay down (and luckily, most of the time, it's at the end of the day when I can - without too much drama!).

And the funny thing is - even though I sometimes, more often than not, feel like my body is not my own anymore - I still love it. I love every aching moment.


A huge congrats to the company of THE UNDERSTUDY who opened last night to a packed house of adoring family, friends & fans. It was a wonderfully successful evening and I am so proud to have been a part of this production.

Of them all, I think this is my favorite review of the show: from the Wall Street Journal. "A raucously funny farce"... "a little masterpiece of comic clockwork" ... "the three-person cast is a string of theatrical pearls." Enjoy!

04 November, 2009


I can't wait to take Grace here in about 4 years. And then again. And again. What a perfect place to have tea and scones with a friend this evening - and what a perfect "only in New York" kind of place to take your daughter someday...

02 November, 2009


I'm very proud of MPG for this interview. I think it takes a lot to admit when you don't know something - a courage that many of us deny ourselves, often nodding our heads when people throw out names or phrases we have no clue about... (I do it all the time when friends of mine toss around big musical theatre names, instead of risking the shocking response of "You don't know who so-and-so is? Wasn't that your MAJOR in college?!")

01 November, 2009


We spent several hours - a total of 5, I think, between 2 services - at this church today: Grace Church.

It was gorgeous & so was the music... which is why we were there.

And the name's not too shabby, either.

31 October, 2009


I've never much liked Halloween... well, I suppose as a kid I did - especially the candy part (but not so much the part when we went to this big house on the corner in my neighborhood, all excited to get something amazing, and came away with toothbrushes added to our candy bags - dentists, geez!).

However, I am getting excited about NEXT Halloween, when perhaps we'll have one of these in our house. Or one of these. Or maybe even one of these.

30 October, 2009


Today is the day that a wonderful woman was born, and years later gave birth to a very special guy, with whom I am lucky enough to be awaiting the birth of our own child - and her first grandchild! - decades later. This woman has embraced me with a full heart and an immediacy that has overwhelmed me with the blessed feelings of love and endearing kinship.

And the family circle grows ever wider.

29 October, 2009


Here's a great interview with Justin Kirk (star of THE UNDERSTUDY) with a funny clip of the show... for all of you who won't get the chance to come to NYC and see this great piece!


PS - if you don't get the "mercury poisoning" joke at the end of the clip, you can read more about it here... (our industry can be brutal sometimes).


Don't miss the cool feature on Theresa Rebeck & Julie White (playwright & star of THE UNDERSTUDY) in the NY Times Arts & Leisure this Sunday.

Here's a sneak peak...

28 October, 2009


Our first true New York baby gift. Check back in a few months to get a chuckle at the adorable little head filling this cap. What? You wanted to know the slogan on the tag from this original item? "A little bit of baby. A lot of rock n' roll."

27 October, 2009


Love this picture. Taken at my aunt's sister's wedding.

Her dress and simple lettering against that field of flowers. Beautiful!

26 October, 2009


A beautiful friend moved down to DC a few months ago - I miss her so! - and she was telling me about the wonder of living in a city where the streets aren't overly packed with pedestrians and people actually say hello to each other when they pass on the sidewalk and the trees are abundant... all things that may have been a shock to her system after many years living in NYC.

One of the things I remember her telling me about was the crosswalk signs - and how they politely counted down the seconds to the red light, letting you know just how much time you had left to safely reach the other side.

A smile wide as the sky spread across my face when I saw the same countdown in Astoria this past weekend... and I suppose I was the only one of the hundreds of people swarming Steinway Street who laughed out loud at the crosswalk signal, flashing it's 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 at me. And definitely the only one for miles around who took a picture to capture the feeling of being close to my friend!

25 October, 2009


Happy Opening to the wonderful company of ORDINARY DAYS!

A little bird told me that the NY Times calls the show
"a modest musical produced with an apt intimacy and expertly sung by an appealing cast."

Here's a sneak peak at the final paragraph of the review (which should be posted in full on Monday) and gives a glimpse of the show as well...

"All four characters' lives intersect briefly, if momentously, at the end of the show. Warren's frustration with his going-nowhere career inspires a spontaneous act by he and Deb that has an unforeseen impact on the course of Claire and Jason's relationship. But the two couples never interact, a sad-sweet comment on the anonymity of life in the city, where it is possible to change other people's fates without actually getting to meet them." - Charles Isherwood

24 October, 2009


How lovely to have a normal everyday Saturday at home. A walk around the neighborhood this morning by myself - overcast skies and a drizzle of rain now and then, but 65 degrees and the leaves just starting to turn... so I didn't mind a bit. Stopped into the baby store to check out some strollers (so many to choose from!). Then a bit of lazy time in the afternoon with my beau; and another trip outside to do some casual errands - to the bank, to the coffee shop. Evening came and cooking began - making treats for tomorrow's Sunday brunch with friends and their new baby girl - and cleaning our apartment in between cooking timers. But one of my favorite things about normal days at home is sitting in the other room, listening & smiling, while talent and love pours out of those hands I adore - his hands - and fills our place with beautiful music.

23 October, 2009


Thanks to the DEP shutting down the water in our office building from 8am til who knows when today - I get to work from home for a bit.

Budgeting in bed. I could get used to this.

22 October, 2009


A beautiful little ear.
A chubby cheek.
A bit camera shy...?
A - mazing.

21 October, 2009


Baby registry, here we come.
Oh so many choices!
How do we possibly choose...
Website link COMING SOON!

20 October, 2009


Still pretty...
before AND after...
and delicious in between.