30 September, 2008


Things I did today:

Returned a busted interface
Acquired a certificate of insurance
Appeased an actor with housing
Got a hug from someone I just met
Sat in the same scene in tech for 2 hours
Visited a rehearsal hall
Ate almost nothing of nutritional value
Facebooked some cool people
Learned about Aussie Rules Footy
Negotiated with an agent
Managed things generally

29 September, 2008


A very happy birthday to my awesome brother.

Although he's my little bro, it seems he's always been bigger than me... he promised that if I'm ever famous he'll be my bodyguard - and I'm totally taking him up on that. I'm so proud of him. He has a beautiful family & it is absolutely inspiring to see him as a dad, (I still can hardly believe it!). I wish him a wonderful year full of all good things, and perhaps more $16 reubens from Katz's Deli!

28 September, 2008


"Tech" has always been this thing that has an element of mystery to me. What actually happens during tech? What's it all about?

As an actor, tech seemed like something that was to be endured - a never ending process of being told to "HOLD, PLEASE!" while costume pieces were introduced, props appeared that I never knew I'd have to deal with, music cues changed, light cues brightened, and inevitably I always felt that not enough people were paying attention to ME, (little was my selfishly narrow view of acting able to comprehend that SO many other people were involved).

As a stage manager, tech was something that scared me a little - a whole lot of hours dedicated to making sure the technical elements of the play were exactly what everyone wanted, and then the pressure of making sure all those technical elements that we spent so much time perfecting went off without a hitch... and did so consistently every performance.

As a director, tech was a process of pulling all the varied elements of a play together, things I could only imagine in rehearsal would begin to come to life on the stage - the lights in the exact hue I was picturing, the sound cues impacting each scene, costumes and sets creating an individual world, an existence on stage that was only an idea until then.

As a part of a theater's administrative staff, tech was something that wasn't fully on my radar - I checked in at the top of the day, and again at the end of the day, and sometimes stayed for the production meeting, and smiled happily in the company photo after final dress - but somehow all those things that happen between the end of rehearsal and the first performance just magically appeared.

Now, as a general manager, as a person generally responsible for everything that happens in the theatre - actors, designers, set, costumes, lights, sound, directors, playwrights, and everything in between - tech is an incredibly amazing and technical (pun intended!) discovery. This long and sometimes tiring, sometimes inspiring journey is one I'm ready to experience in a whole new way.

25 September, 2008


My oldest, dearest friend is getting married in sixteen days. Sweet sixteen.
So last night, I had a sleepless night full of dreams about weddings.

Many about M's wedding: in one, I couldn't find the right shoes & had to wear ones with heals so high it made me tower over everyone else by a foot (I was a GIANT in that dream); another where my bridesmaid dress was slowly sliding down my frame as I walked down the aisle (perhaps a double fear of the amazing fact that I haven't had to get my dress altered even one small inch because it fits so well, and the worry over wearing something strapless); and a ridiculous one where M & her dad were ready to make their entrance and there was this bagpiper there who would play nothing but "Taps" so I started throwing wild punches at him (crazy!).

And pieces of dreams of my own wedding: little snipets of different churches (or a beach, or a garden); different wedding dresses (none of them strapless however - perhaps in response to my other dream about the strapless bridesmaid dress?); and in all of them only one thing was constant - the groom wore glasses (I could never make out his face, of course, and he always looked like a different shape or size from the back, but every time he was just about to turn around and look at me, I could see the frame of his glasses right before the dream changed).

I can only imagine the excitement and nervousness and Night Before Christmas-like feelings that must be dancing in M's head - and in her heart.

PS - this picture is of my "moody" friend on her wedding day... could it be more perfect?

24 September, 2008


Perhaps it's because there's not enough actual dialogue to hold my interest. Perhaps it's because even I - a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic - think there's something unsettling about waiting around 50-some years for your first love. Perhaps it's because I've got the daunting task of reading about 100 pages in less than 2 days.

But, I must say - I don't really like LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA. I'm not sure what it is about it... but I was certain I'd like it much more than I do. If I wasn't reading it for a purpose, if there weren't other people counting on me to read it, I'd probably have put it down and given up on it already.

However - I'm pretty certain that the women with whom I will be discussing this book, in less than 48 hours, are intelligent and funny. And I am sure they will give me a fresh perspective on this highly acclaimed love story. I look forward to being challenged by them. Bring it, book club. Bring it.

20 September, 2008

CLOSES 10.12.08

[title of show]
Broadway's about to get a little dimmer...
and no, I don't mean a little dimmer,
like a tiny switch used to control the brightness of light.

OPENS 10.29.08

The Language of Trees
A sneak peak at my 1st show as GM of the Roundabout Underground.

19 September, 2008


In talking to the man who gave me life
I learn more about my own life
And more about his
It is a nothing short of a miracle
When you get to become a friend
Instead of simply a daughter

16 September, 2008


I am blessed with beautiful friends. They are talented, funny, caring, honest, loving & entertaining.

They are getting married, touring the country, running Broadway theaters, starting their own production companies, living in 14 of the 52 states, having birthdays, assistant directing, marketing & developing new plays, starting book clubs, taking sign language classes, going to call backs, being bold, moving into new apartments and moving forward in life.

The blessings are abundant. And I am grateful beyond words. And it's hard to blog without words!

14 September, 2008


no, I was not prepared but, oh - she makes you smile
ready or not, life moves only forward
and I - I will be ever graceful


Musca domestica. It has evil red eyes. It is covered with hair. It is among the most dangerous animals in the world, and this one is only 1 of 120,000 known species. It has sticky feet and can walk on my ceiling... out of my reach, (the sneaky bastard).

I think we've been battling for about a week now. Every time I think I've humanely "shoo-ed" it out the window, or violently tried to end it's measly exsistence - it reappears. Like the cat who just kept coming back the very next day - it just wouldn't stay away.

I've tried newspapers, books (both hardback & paperback), a pillow, a wooden spoon, and even my own bare hands to swat at it - but all to no avail.

Last night, I finally believed that I killed it for good - with Love in the Time of Cholera - but this morning, my alarm went off, I opened one eye and it was there. On the other pillow. Staring right at me.

I swear I heard it laughing as it buzzed away.

12 September, 2008


A very happy birthday to my beautiful sister.

She has perfectly white teeth, gorgeous hair (when she lets it go curly), a warm personality and a sense of humor to rival any stand-up comedian I've ever known. She gives me hand-me-ups of clothes she's tired of and jewelry I take from her when she's not looking (well, I guess that's not really giving per se). I simply adore her, she will kill me for putting this picture of her on this blog, and I hope she has an incredible year!


Did you see it? Click on the picture & blow it up. Then look at the bottom right-hand corner. Now do you see it?

I took a directing class in college (one of my favorite experiences) and I remember that my teacher said the down-stage-left corner is a very prominent spot. Eight years ago, I took that spot on the Benedum stage in Evita.

Today I take that spot in the NY Times.

So what happens now...


A giant shout out to one of those particularly special people in my life. I feel I can honestly say I would not be where I am right now without his support & encouragement. I could watch this clip over and over - I miss you much! Way to go, my friend.


11 September, 2008


Taking a moment to remember...


"I don't like raging at women. I am a Feminist and have spent my life trying to build community, help empower women and stop violence against them. It is hard to write about Sarah Palin."

Read this blog from a fierce feminist on her frustrations with Sarah Palin.


"It's like a really bad Disney movie... It's totally absurd and I don't understand why more people aren't talking about it... I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago... We can't, we can't have that."

WATCH Matt Damon on Sarah Palin


10 September, 2008


Why is it that I seem to get my last & most inspired burst of energy around 11:30pm so that I'm up until 1 or 2 in the morning being more productive than I've been all day?

09 September, 2008


Recently, I've heard a few people in my field use the phrase "Livin' the Dream".

It's usually in response to "Hey, dude - how are ya?" "Oh, you know - livin' the dream." Or "Morning, C - what's up?" "Just livin' the dream." In my experience, it's always followed by a sarcastic laugh or a snarky remark about how life in the theatre isn't all it's cracked up to be.

This morning I woke up a bit frustrated by that comment. Was I dreaming about living the dream? I mean, sure we don't get to sit around and hang out and do nothing and be totally happy & relaxed and get paid for it... but NO ONE DOES! And we are working in what I think is one of the most exciting, constantly changing, creative fields: live theatre. Entertainment, people.

I get to be intimately involved in more plays and musicals than most of my friends back home will ever even see. I get to discuss how to make a waterfall out of sand in a room with an 8 foot ceiling. I get to dress up and go to fancy Broadway openings and final dress rehearsals of sold out shows. I get to hear hilarious horror stories of diva actresses. I get to be a part of almost every element that goes into making a piece of theatre, everything the audience sees and tons of things they'll never know about. I get to DO THEATRE. Everyday. Every. Day.

I think that means I really AM living the dream.

08 September, 2008


Encouraged by a fun friend, I am now taking a Monday night class in American Sign Language. It is a beautiful language - and it's also beautiful to sit in a room with a dozen people and "talk" without talking. It's quiet for two and a half hours, except for the laughter when one of us accidentally signs "how" instead of "have", or identifies a male classmate as "woman" instead of "man" (so similar!).

As a learning process, it's unlike any I've experienced - like learning a foreign language with someone who speaks no English. My teacher is deaf. (I know how to sign that whole sentence.)

I talk with my hands so much already that I feel like I must be able to do this well! I find myself wanting to sign constantly - and I can't wait to go back to class next week. I apologize now if I start signing while talking to you... although with my limited knowledge, we'll only be able to discuss family members, names, colors, numbers & the alphabet.

06 September, 2008



How I love a day off!

Oh sure, it's definitely fun to have nightly plans with all the lovely people whose company you entirely enjoy - seeing final dresses, having dance parties, eating greasy food, laughing, hugging, and spending too much money on cabs home.

But it is quite another lovely thing to have a full day of time - without plans, without the need to network or impress, without noise. Ahhh... the hum of my air conditioner and the ticking of my clock and the gentle turning pages of my book are all I need to make this day sound wonderful.

04 September, 2008


Tonight is the final dress rehearsal for the Broadway production of a play I saw in high school a decade ago. When I saw it then, in Canada, I was blown away by its shocking beauty and heartbreaking passion. I hope that tonight's performance proves to be the same - and better - and not just a marketing tool for seeing Harry's Potter.

1h 36m 17s

That's a long time to be smiling.
My cheeks hurt. In a good way.

03 September, 2008


I went on a little trip to the coast of Texas over Labor Day weekend. (What? You didn't remember Texas had a coast, you say? Me neither, to be honest.) And I took a 3 hour and 8 minute plane ride to get there.

In the LGA airport, waiting to get on this 3 hour and 8 minute plane ride, was a Texan family - thick accents and all: Dad, Mom, Mother-in-Law, Older Daughter, and Younger Daughter. Now Younger Daughter was named Chrissy. I learned this in the same way that Bill Cosby learned his airplane arch-nemesis was named Jeffrey (anyone? anyone? four years old?).

Chrissy was maybe 4 also. And loud. And very tired. And blatantly ignored by her mother - who was, of course, the only person Chrissy actually wanted attention from in the first place.

"Why can't we get on the plane NOWWWW? I wanna get on the plane NOWWWW. NOWWWW!" Chrissy squealed this about a dozen times before the mom said, "Are you hungry? Do you want a breakfast bar?" And it went on like that the whole boarding process. "NOWWWW!" "Are you hungry? Do you want a breakfast bar?" "NOWWWW!" "Are you hungry..."


So we get on the plane for the 3 hour and 8 minute ride to Houston, and I settle comfortably into my 23A window-seat. And who do I see (or rather, hear) sluggishly crawling up the aisle toward me but the Texan family. And who sits in 22A - DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME - but my best friend Chrissy. Her mom, who has seat 22B, says to her Dad, "Oh, no. There is no way I'm sitting next to her" (just as an in-crowd teenager might say about the nerdy kid in school, sassy and annoyed). And instead of her Dad coming to the rescue - the Older Daughter, Chrissy's Big Sister, slides into the seat and is the first one I've seen over the past hour talk to Chrissy like a normal person. "Do you see that? That's the engine of this big airplane." "Do you want to keep the window shade open or shut?" "Do you think it will be fun to fly back home?" "Do you want to read this with me?"

And Chrissy miraculously - and seemingly without effort - nods yes, sticks her thumb in her mouth, and cuddles up next to Big Sis to listen to the story. And Big Sis begins to read the airplane Disney magazine: "Order this Princess Back-Pack and school will feel like a fairy tale. Only $19.99 plus shipping and handling." Big Sis is careful to use the sing-songy voice that can lure any 4 year old into a story - even if it's just a bunch of marketing babble - and Chrissy eats it up.

When Chrissy falls asleep, Big Sis puts her own blanket on her and turns to look at me through the space between the seats. I've been watching this for about an hour now, my own personal entertainment (and better than Maid of Honor, the movie of the trip) and I'm in awe of this Big Sis - who can be no older than 9 or 10 - and I'm amazed at her calm spirit. I say to her, as she's looking at me with her big, southern, doe eyes: "You Are A Very Good Big Sister." And she sort of half-smiles and shrugs a simple "thank you", as though she's an old pro and has had to come to Chrissy's rescue many more times than just today.

And no thanks to the adults in that family, the remainder of the 3 hour and 8 minute plane ride was quite enjoyable.

01 September, 2008


Here's what I don't like about being sunburnt...

* that tingly, burning sensation * the physical heat that comes from the burnt skin * the lovely lobster-pink coloring * the fact that it's uncomfortable to wear a bra * (or anything else really) * forgetting that your thighs are burnt * and then laughing so hard that you slap them * and then writhing in your self-inflicted pain * realizing you have a mosquito bite on a sunburnt area * and then deciding whether it's worse to scratch it or live with the itch * trying to figure out what clothes you can wear tomorrow that will be both appropriate for work and not painful

Here's what I like about it...

* the physical reminder of why you're sunburnt * remembering that you got it while hanging out at this beach for the weekend * with seven other beautiful women * missing them all already even though you've only been home for a few hours * and thinking about how you can't wait to celebrate with them again in just over a month


"Venus, your ruling planet, is going into your sign. From now through most of next month, you'll be even luckier, cuter and more charming."