28 August, 2008


My thoughts during Barack's video & speech tonight... and the longest "political" blog I may ever write.

Is that David Strathairn as the voice of the Obama video? Interesting choice. Aww... what a cute story of their first date. And what an honest wedding picture. "The beating heart of that family" - a line about mothers that I definitely identify with. "We recognize ourselves in each other." That stadium of 80,000 people was SILENT at the end of that video.

Here he is! Oh - he's taking it all in... he's enjoying the moment. And look at Michelle - she is so proud. (I wish I had counted how many times he said THANK YOU - that would've been a fun fact.) "... and with great humility, I accept the nomination for presidency of the United States of America." Hillary shout out - nice. Wow. Joe Biden has really white teeth. Oh! And look how big that grin on Barack's face is when he talks about his wife & daughters!

"We are a better country than this."

"ENOUGH!" (Maybe Barack was a theatrical actor in a previous life.) Very respectful camera look with the nod to his challenger... aw, snap - "a nation of whiners" - that's harsh, McCain. "It's not because John McCain doesn't care; it's because John McCain doesn't get it." Geez! He's eloquent and funny and charming and RIGHT.

(Oh, I want him to win. Please God, let him win.)

[MOM!! AHH! Mom called in the middle of the speech and although I answered with "I can't talk; I'm watching Barack", I did answer. And I think I agreed to two pairs of shoes that may or may not match my bridesmaid dress. I was barely paying attention, but when she said she was leaving her 2nd job - at 10:30pm - and on her way to her 3rd job from which she won't get home until tomorrow morning... I teared up and thought, SEE. THIS IS WHY HE NEEDS TO WIN.]

Spelling out exactly what you'll do as president, huh? That's direct. And I hope it's all true. When you mention percentages, like 95%, people go crazy!

"That's right," says Michelle.

When the camera pans to close-ups of the audience, every single person looks like they're going to smile and cry at the same time - that is the look of belief and hope even when all seems hopeless - oh, I know that look so well.

"A renewed sense of responsibility from each of us." Yes, yes. It can't be a Barack-hero mentality. It must be ALL of us. Wow. Obama gets preachy when he talks about war - makes me feel like I'm goin' to church - thankya JEsus!

(Wait. Why all of a sudden the shot of empty seats in the stadium? Bad PR, NBC.)

GREAT statement about respecting people's opinions even if they're not your own. "Patriotism has no politics." Trying to bridge that gap... oh, it's wide. Man, he's smart. It makes me wanna jump through my TV and hug that guy!

"All across America, something is stirring..."

"This election has never been about me. It's about you."

"Change doesn't come from Washington, change comes to Washington."

(I'm yelling in solidarity at the TV during a political speech in the same way I do when a FOOTBALL game is on!!) Ah, there it is. The reference to Dr. King. And there's the other part. When Barack suddenly becomes a southern preacher. I kind of love that. Listen to the virbrato in his voice. He is SUCH a good speaker.

"We must, in the words of scripture, hold firmly without waivering to the hope that we confess."

PS - what is this song??

24 August, 2008


I crack myself up. And most of the time, I'm by myself when it happens.

This past week - and particularly the past few days - have been some of the best days I've had in a very long time. There was agonizing over a broccoli mix-up and fun birthday celebrations, lunches with great gals and dinners with people I love. There was an amazing going away party (I wonder who that incredible hostess was??) and some Boston on the Rock Band, some packing, some back-breaking hugs, and even some snoring. And the bartenders at The Zipper and I are now old pals.

Tonight, when I think back over this week - and particularly that funny analogy about chocolate cake - I can't help but laugh out loud. Cracking myself up, here on my couch. Good times.


I fell asleep
Dreaming of you
And woke myself
With laughter

22 August, 2008


it's quiet now.
it's about to get louder.

it's just me now.
soon it will be more.

i want it to be fun.
i want it to be hassle-free.
i want it to be a great goodbye.

20 August, 2008


I found myself at lunch today with two people.

Two people I look up to. Two people I admire. Two people who make me laugh with crazy stories of this theatre industry I love so much. Two people who are older than me but who have never treated me as any younger. Two people who have a close friendship and who have fully accepted me into their world. Two people who have taught me many things. Two people from whom I will continue to learn much.

And at some point between the cackling laughter and the grimaces of frustrations we could all relate to... I looked up at the two of them and realized that I was suddenly on equal footing. No longer peaking over the edge of the fence, wondering if I could play too. But a co-worker, a peer, a colleague.

And boy, did that fill my heart with pride. And humble respect for the grand scope of their responsibilities... OUR responsibilities.

18 August, 2008


It's a beautiful & painful thing
when your heart breaks
for someone else


About three years ago, I remember hearing a clever rhyming rap (complete with drumsticks and plastic flute accompaniment) from a homeless gentleman on the subway. He would go from car to car, repeating his rhyme, drumming and taking a flute solo every now and then, and collecting change from those who didn’t completely ignore him.

About a year and a half ago, I heard the same rhyme, the same rap from a homeless lady – only she did a little Casio keyboard break in the middle instead. Incredibly, I found myself not feeling bad for her (as I usually do) because she was down on her luck… instead I felt kind of offended that she stole that other guy’s schtick! I mean, it must be hard to come up with something original to do when begging for hand outs. It seems that everyone else has got something on the market cornered. There’s the Blind Accordion guy, the My House Burnt Down group (there are several of these), the I’m Not Selling This For No Basketball Team kids, the Drum Set Made Out Of 5 Gallon Buckets guys, the Bootleg DVD people… I thought that the Rapping Drum Sticks And Plastic Flute guy was pretty original. And here was this chick, just stealing his thing. AND she wasn’t even that good at it.

About a week ago, though, something kinda cool happened. I was on the A train coming home from work later than usual – and I heard the drumsticks. It was the guy, the guy I hadn’t heard in a long time, and he started to rap his clever rhyme:

We do not steal

We do not rob

But we wish like hell

We had your job

And then: Casio keyboard solo. I turned around and looked… and found they had teamed-up! They were making a duet out of the man’s song and they were a whole band between the two of them – percussion, piano, woodwinds. They were working together & seeming to get along.

I must say, I was impressed. I was bitter that the lady stole the guy’s idea. But the guy joined forces with her so they could work together, have some company, and split the profit. I gave them all the change I had in my purse (hey, there were quarters in there!). And a big toothy grin.

17 August, 2008


A lady date is a lovely thing.

A lovely lady and I had a great day together. Brunch at the Brick, hitting up Loveday 31, a stop at Winegasm, then a train to Central Park's Summer Stage for a dancing afternoon of funky Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. After a few hours of sun & fun at the park, we walked to the Trump Bar where Donald bought us a round (thanks, Trumps!) and finished the night with a viewing of Refugee Girls.

And all for about $40. Nice!


A few weeks ago (before my singular failure of internet connection) I had a full on black out in my apartment. Total power outage. And I’m pretty sure it was only my apartment (because I could still hear the droning beat of Dominican music from my neighbors’ apartments and I doubt they were rockin’ out to battery operated boom-boxes).

It was about 8:30pm - just getting dark outside. It was hot – about 95 degrees. I had the TV on, a lamp that I use in place of the harsh overhead light, the AC up to full blast, music playing on my laptop, and I was “surfing the net”. (Does anyone even use that phrase anymore – “surfing the net”? And yes… I did have the TV on and music playing at the same time. I know.)

And suddenly I thought I had gone deaf & blind because there was only darkness & silence.

As this has happened once before - every one of those items is plugged into this great power strip that turns itself off before I blow a fuse - I casually stepped the few feet from my couch to the hall light and flipped it on – assuming that I would then be able to have enough illumination to reset my power strip, and perhaps re-evaluate the multitude of sensory gadgets I was running at the same time.

But the hall light didn’t come on. And neither did the bathroom light. I had just changed the main fuse less than a month ago. And I didn’t want to go through it again. Nor did I even have a fuse – so I’d have had to go into the hotter outside & hope that a hardware store was open. So, I got out this flashlight (thanks, Aunt G!) and I found some matches and I lit every candle I have… which is roughly a dozen. Not really enough light to see everything. Definitely enough light to create a romantic glow, though. For myself. Hrmph.

By this time it was only 9 o’clock. So I gathered all the candles together by my bed and curled up with a crossword book… and after struggling to see the clues in that tiny print, I finally gave up and just sat in my bed, enjoying the quiet.

And it was quiet. Very quiet. There was something eerie and peaceful about it. And I bet you thought those things couldn’t go together… but once in a while they do.

And I must’ve needed it. Because I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a long time. And in the morning – everything worked again. Like magic.

16 August, 2008


Michael Phelps just won 8 gold metals. A feat never accomplished before. Literally, seconds ago...

It happened at 11:17pm. At 11:18pm a commercial for VISA came on congratulating Phelps. At 11:19pm an offer for a Michael Phelps Behind the Gold Metals documentary that you can buy for only $19.99. At 11:20pm they interviewed Phelps and his teammates (since he won the 8th metal in a team relay) and all three of his fellow swimmers lauded him with praise.

He's 23.
What the heck was I doing at 23?
Not winning 8 gold metals at the Olympics, that's for sure.



If you’re selling crazy

We’re not buying

This was the sign I saw on the door to my local bodega. Hand-written on a piece of notebook paper. Black magic marker scrawled across a white background. And taped to the door.

What prompted this sign, I wonder… was it just one too many neighborhood bums wandering in and out? Was it a certifiably “crazy” person who came in and caused a ruckus? Was there are door-to-door solicitor who actually was selling crazy? And how bold to put up a sign announcing the fact that they were fed up.

There are days when I think maybe I could use a sign like that. Perhaps the guy with the 5th grader’s handwriting could make me one of those signs. Perhaps he could go into business selling them. He could sell signs about not buying. Huh - wouldn’t that be oxymoronic.


There is a certain time of the day - somewhere in the late afternoon - when I simply love the way my apartment looks. I suppose it has to do with the sun and the windows and how it's all positioned. But around this time, the sunlight is filtered into my home through the wooden window shades and it casts thin, shadowy strips across my living room floor - catching the piano, the plants, the couch in it's golden rays.

And I think to myself, "Ohhh - how pretty."

I'm usually not at home when this happens, but today I am. And I am reminded of simple beauties and the pleasure they bring to my life.

15 August, 2008


Dear Blog,

I have missed you so much. Over these past couple of weeks, you must have felt neglected. It's been hard for me, too. But don't fear - now that we're back together we will be stronger for this time of separation. And we will not take each other for granted. I look forward to many more postings together.

Much Love,

08 August, 2008


Cable modem is broken.* Time Warner, please come help me! Can't blog at work. The Death Star (as we lovingly refer to it) is strict! The blogging will resume soon soon soon. I miss it as much as you do.

In the meantime, enjoy this quote I read on the subway this morning. I wrote this down across a crossword puzzle I couldn't complete. It's hard to stand up on the rapidly moving subway and write.

"We do not expect people to be deeply moved by what is not unusual... If we had a keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel's heart beat, and we should die of that roar which lies on the other side of silence."

- George Elliot, MIDDLEMARCH

* Many thanks to D. for stepping up to help out a blogger without the internet!

01 August, 2008


Give them wisdom and devotion in the ordering of their common life, that each may be to the other a strength in need, a counselor in perplexity, a comfort in sorrow, and a companion in joy.

- The Book of Common Prayer