31 October, 2009


I've never much liked Halloween... well, I suppose as a kid I did - especially the candy part (but not so much the part when we went to this big house on the corner in my neighborhood, all excited to get something amazing, and came away with toothbrushes added to our candy bags - dentists, geez!).

However, I am getting excited about NEXT Halloween, when perhaps we'll have one of these in our house. Or one of these. Or maybe even one of these.

30 October, 2009


Today is the day that a wonderful woman was born, and years later gave birth to a very special guy, with whom I am lucky enough to be awaiting the birth of our own child - and her first grandchild! - decades later. This woman has embraced me with a full heart and an immediacy that has overwhelmed me with the blessed feelings of love and endearing kinship.

And the family circle grows ever wider.

29 October, 2009


Here's a great interview with Justin Kirk (star of THE UNDERSTUDY) with a funny clip of the show... for all of you who won't get the chance to come to NYC and see this great piece!


PS - if you don't get the "mercury poisoning" joke at the end of the clip, you can read more about it here... (our industry can be brutal sometimes).


Don't miss the cool feature on Theresa Rebeck & Julie White (playwright & star of THE UNDERSTUDY) in the NY Times Arts & Leisure this Sunday.

Here's a sneak peak...

28 October, 2009


Our first true New York baby gift. Check back in a few months to get a chuckle at the adorable little head filling this cap. What? You wanted to know the slogan on the tag from this original item? "A little bit of baby. A lot of rock n' roll."

27 October, 2009


Love this picture. Taken at my aunt's sister's wedding.

Her dress and simple lettering against that field of flowers. Beautiful!

26 October, 2009


A beautiful friend moved down to DC a few months ago - I miss her so! - and she was telling me about the wonder of living in a city where the streets aren't overly packed with pedestrians and people actually say hello to each other when they pass on the sidewalk and the trees are abundant... all things that may have been a shock to her system after many years living in NYC.

One of the things I remember her telling me about was the crosswalk signs - and how they politely counted down the seconds to the red light, letting you know just how much time you had left to safely reach the other side.

A smile wide as the sky spread across my face when I saw the same countdown in Astoria this past weekend... and I suppose I was the only one of the hundreds of people swarming Steinway Street who laughed out loud at the crosswalk signal, flashing it's 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 at me. And definitely the only one for miles around who took a picture to capture the feeling of being close to my friend!

25 October, 2009


Happy Opening to the wonderful company of ORDINARY DAYS!

A little bird told me that the NY Times calls the show
"a modest musical produced with an apt intimacy and expertly sung by an appealing cast."

Here's a sneak peak at the final paragraph of the review (which should be posted in full on Monday) and gives a glimpse of the show as well...

"All four characters' lives intersect briefly, if momentously, at the end of the show. Warren's frustration with his going-nowhere career inspires a spontaneous act by he and Deb that has an unforeseen impact on the course of Claire and Jason's relationship. But the two couples never interact, a sad-sweet comment on the anonymity of life in the city, where it is possible to change other people's fates without actually getting to meet them." - Charles Isherwood

24 October, 2009


How lovely to have a normal everyday Saturday at home. A walk around the neighborhood this morning by myself - overcast skies and a drizzle of rain now and then, but 65 degrees and the leaves just starting to turn... so I didn't mind a bit. Stopped into the baby store to check out some strollers (so many to choose from!). Then a bit of lazy time in the afternoon with my beau; and another trip outside to do some casual errands - to the bank, to the coffee shop. Evening came and cooking began - making treats for tomorrow's Sunday brunch with friends and their new baby girl - and cleaning our apartment in between cooking timers. But one of my favorite things about normal days at home is sitting in the other room, listening & smiling, while talent and love pours out of those hands I adore - his hands - and fills our place with beautiful music.

23 October, 2009


Thanks to the DEP shutting down the water in our office building from 8am til who knows when today - I get to work from home for a bit.

Budgeting in bed. I could get used to this.

22 October, 2009


A beautiful little ear.
A chubby cheek.
A bit camera shy...?
A - mazing.

21 October, 2009


Baby registry, here we come.
Oh so many choices!
How do we possibly choose...
Website link COMING SOON!

20 October, 2009


Still pretty...
before AND after...
and delicious in between.

90 DAYS (reprise)

A while back, I wrote a blog called 90 DAYS. This morning, after a quick and easy OB appointment (where we got to see a 3-D image of our amazing daughter's little face) I was thinking a lot about those 90 day cycles... particularly how they relate to pregnancy (surprise, surprise - pregnancy is about the only thing I think about these days!).

The trimesters of pregnancy are broken up into basically three 90-day chunks: the first 90 days are filled with secrets and planning and carefulness, as you try to keep your mouth from spilling the news that your body is quickly beginning to show on its own; the second 90 days are filled with changes and planning some more and, if you're lucky, "that glow", as you feel that tiny miracle begin to move inside you and it becomes so much more a reality than before; the third 90 days I'm just beginning... although I suspect it will be filled with anticipation and still more planning and the blessing of a healthy baby.

So - for these next 90 days, (although I'm sure there will be much going on everyday as we get closer and closer to Grace's big moment!) I will attempt to post a blog every single day. And to capture at least a quick thought - of the many swirling in my head - holding it in one place long enough to share.

17 October, 2009


One of the many funny/frustrating things I love/hate about New York...

enjoy this video!