16 October, 2008


Happy Birthday, Libra!

You're a thinker that requires ample time and space to sift through details and arrive at your own conclusions. Your thinking is not always orderly or predictable. Some view you as logical and cool-headed, but that's only because they haven't witnessed your moody, imaginative side. Dreams, fantasies, and wishful thinking can sometimes crowd out other thoughts.

Highly sensitive and creative, you listen to others more with your spirit than your physical ear. You're adept at telling stories and able to keep others' rapt attention. Even reading bedtime stories to children becomes a treat.

As many times as you are judicious and balanced in your views, you can also be reactive and argumentative. A study in sharp contrasts, you are a memorable friend. Although you have little patience for others' repetitive goof-ups, you're loyal and supportive when needed. You are discerning and expect the best, and are unwilling to accept excuses in lieu of results.

Trustworthy and loyal, very passionate, playful but secretive, fearless and independent.

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