22 November, 2008


I'd like to take a moment to highlight my friend Sarah Sloboda and her blog University of Sarah. You can read more about her in her bio below. And you can appreciate the instant beauty of her photography just by looking at the picture above.

She's working on a new book and is constantly feeding her soul by capturing creativity and life with her camera, her computer, her courage. I admire her. And I wish her nothing but good things and joyful days.

is the premier rock-and-roll-style kids photographer, based in New York City. Publications include Disney's Wondertime magazine, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Brio and Brio & Beyond magazines. The Prix de la Photographie Paris [Px3] awarded her Top 2 Winner in the professional Portraiture category for her series, “Happiest Day in a Girl’s Life,” in 2007. She has been working as a documentary-style photographer since her time at The University of Michigan where she earned her BA in Film and Video Studies, and has since traveled the world on assignment. In addition to kids, Sarah shoots portraits, music, and photojournalist- inspired fine art work. Clients include Sephora, CW (television network), BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), and bands such as Sputnik Sweetheart, and The Fabulous Entourage. Visit http://www.sarahsloboda.com.

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