26 December, 2008


What I love most, and am most proud of, about my family is the incredible boundless acceptance that they show - to all people, in all situations, at all times of the year.

Oh sure - we might make fun of you (lovingly!) and we might make non-PC comments about your religion or political viewpoints (we're only teasing!) and we might especially enjoy a practical joke or two at your expense (hey, 7-year-old nephews think everything's hilarious).

But the acceptance that goes beyond believing in Jesus or chanting Hare Krishna, beyond the teasing about past relationships or new ones that are just beginning, beyond Obama or McCain (but not beyond Bush, I mean let's be honest - can't we all agree to joke about him?!)... THAT is the acceptance I've been taught. THAT is family I come from. THAT is who I have learned to become.

And I am incredibly proud to call myself an Ayers and be a part of that family.

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