14 December, 2008


The candlelight service at St. George's tonight was beautiful. And it was nothing short of pure joy to be a part of it.

I remember going to this service last year - during a time when the joy of Christmas was hard for me to grasp. I wasn't feeling that Christmas spirit... and being in a church, surrounded by uplifting music and the warmth of happy people really helped allow me to take that step from sorrow to joy. Or if not complete joy, then at least I could see the cracks of light.

This year, being a part of this service gave me a wonderful "circle of life" reminder - a karma of sorts. Having those two hours last December to lift my spirits was so meaningful, and being able to lift my voice with others today (and perhaps bringing a little light into someone else's life) is a gift I didn't even know I wanted. But it was a wonderful, wonderful present.

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