06 December, 2008


Once in a while, I sit back and am amazed (in this crazy & unpredictable life) that anything at all happens in the way you'd hoped. There are a million little blessings that I witness every day. And it is so good to remember to be grateful for them.

For time spent with good friends over lunch. For being surrounded by beautiful, confident women. For the magic of being able to get real work done from home, from the comfort of your couch, in your pajamas, with the help of the Internet. For the foresight to buy 2 bags of english muffins the last time you went grocery shopping, and putting one in the freezer, so when you needed breakfast this morning you remembered them and were glad you didn't have to go out shopping until tomorrow. For projection designers who are interested in and available for the work you're offering, even though it's last minute. For a very intelligent co-worker who gives you smart advice the moment you need it. For the good idea of a prop storage sale, where you're able to buy an amazing blue cooking dish for a great price, providing for your own kitchen's happiness while supporting the theatre you love.

For the small joys that push their way up through the cracks in everyday life. For these especially, I am grateful.

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