24 December, 2008


For the past 1/2 a dozen years or so, our family has woken up at 6am on Christmas Eve and gone down to our church to serve breakfast to those less fortunate than ourselves. For me, at the beginning, it felt like a chore and has now become a tradition I actually look forward to each year. It's a combination of both feelings actually - this one thing AND another seemingly opposite sensation.

Yes, I'd rather sleep in... AND it reminds me that I'm grateful to have that warm, comfy bed. Yes, I'd rather not be around so many people who haven't had the luxury of a shower... AND it reminds me that cleanliness is a luxury I take for granted. Yes, I'd rather spend those 5 hours eating cookies or relaxing... AND it reminds me of the truer spirit of the holidays - giving, rather than receiving.

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