13 January, 2009


It's a source of pride for me to say, with confidence, that I have remained friends with everyone I've ever dated... and their families, too. Not common, I'm told. But common for me. I say this not to toot my own horn (though, c'mon! that's definitely an accomplishment!) but instead, to say that I was reminded today of how grateful I am for it.

I had an impromptu lunch date with an incredible woman. The older sister of a once-beau. She called me up, said she was in the city doing an errand and a bit of shopping on Madison Avenue (yeah, she's fancy like that), and did I have time for lunch? We went to this great little Italian hole-in-the-wall in midtown. We had wine and pasta and salad and warm bread. We caught up on jobs and apartments and dating prospects. And we had a very sweet, honest moment of "I miss you in my life". We left it laughing and making plans to meet up again soon.

It goes straight to the heart of something I've always thought: if you've had a relationship with someone long enough to also have a relationship with their siblings or parents, there is a need to also "break-up" with them when the relationship ends. And it doesn't always happen - the chance to get that closure, or at least the chance (as was the case today) to forge ahead in your OWN friendship, independent of the beau that may have brought you together.

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