19 January, 2009


One of the things that I like most about being in a relationship is the simple, little everyday things that occur and making comments about them to the person you love. "Saw this ad on the subway and thought of you..." or "A whiff of those roasted cashews on the sidewalk made me think of that one time..." or "Are you outside right now? It's perfect weather."

For me, it usually has to do with something sensory. Something that can make me feel closer to that person, if we're only minutes or even miles apart.

And one of the things I like least about not being in a relationship is that when you experience those simple, little everything things - there's no one to tell. Of course there are friends and family and roommates and co-workers... but it's different somehow. Sigh...

Well, I hope you're enjoying this picture-perfect winter's day, as I am.

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