05 January, 2009


I couldn't wait to get home from work today so I could continue setting up my new place. This is my 4th apartment in 6 years (and that doesn't even include the 3 different places I spent months crashing on couches or spare-room-futons). Doesn't sound like a very secure lifestyle, does it? But I love it. I love packing up my things. I love discovering things I'd forgotten about. I love getting rid of old things. I have a love / hate relationship with the actual "moving" part (love the friends and the jokes and the hilarious exhaustion / hate the u-hauls and the staircases and the soreness).

I love the unpacking especially. I love rediscovering things and finding new homes for them. I love deciding where things should live.

Perhaps that's why I move so much. Or perhaps it's just the nature of this city - always in motion.

1 comment:

  1. What I love, is that when you packed up last year and found all that stuff you'd forgotten about- you promptly unpacked and forgot about it all over again til this move. That aside- you are my moving efficiency hero- it amazes me how fast you do that.