04 March, 2009


An excerpt from an early review (oops!) from Time Out New York... we open the show tonight & hopefully this one-day-too-soon eager reviewer is a sign of good things to come:

"These TONY reviews are short, but I sure hope that by the time I get to the end I remember to praise Lisa Loomer’s Distracted, a giddily clever comedy about parenting in the age of attention deficit disorder. Tangents threaten, since so much in the production deserves kudos: a funny and charismatic cast; Mark Brokaw’s bright, multitasking direction; complex multimedia—not to mention shrewd use of a child actor. Okay, take a breath, before you forget: Distracted is my favorite comedy of the year so far, a spring-jointed issue play hyperactive enough to tickle both your brain and your funny bone."

Read David Cote's full review here.

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