21 March, 2009


I've had some eye-opening talks about marriage with a few friends lately: older & younger, married & single, those who believe (like me) that fairy tale love can be real & those who believe marriage is not something they'd ever want & those who aren't even "allowed" to have the ceremony.

I know how I feel about marriage. And I know what I think my marriage will look like. But I'm coming to realize that it's impossible to actually know what your marriage will be - until you're living it. And even then, it's a constant choice every day to choose the marriage again and again. And that choice may be difficult, or it may be second nature, or it may bring you joy each new day.

It's also a partnership - and it's important that both people are choosing. And while there is the partnership, there is also the individual. Of course, it's compromise. And of course, it's working on things together. And yet I wonder: is it possibly more important not to lose the individual merely to keep the partnership afloat?


  1. Hi Rachel,
    I agree to everything you said about marriage.. you're right. A marriage should be like a partnership.. both of you decides, but you have also to talk about your decisions. You should decide what will be best for your relationship.. and of course, best for each of you.
    It's a give and take relationship.. and respect for each other should always be there.

  2. I think both persons are compromising, should try to understand each other, think positive to smoothly run their marriage.
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