14 March, 2009


Seeing The Pogues is an experience like no other I've had. They're a mutt-ish Irish band that is simultaneously made up of classic drinking songs, ska music styles, and a Ramones-like quality... complete with a lead singer who is less than half sober and whose only understandable lyrics are something akin to "fdasduflr jwoekxkcu whiskey aslkweaqmcuu that woman coskmmzka f*cker sokmwekpi".

The fans range from men in their 50's acting like 14-year-olds, to college frat boys who run the mosh pit near the stage; from women who's age you can't really pinpoint with spikey hair and tatoos, to couples who sing along with every indiscernible word of every song; from people (like me) who seemed to wander in without knowing what to expect but still seem to enjoy themselves, to cops & firemen & European fashionistas; from the young to the old; from the sober to the inebriated (and much more of the latter).

If you should care to see/listen to a sample...

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