17 March, 2009


I had a self-congratulatory day today (in a totally non-egotistical way, of course). Started with a panel discussion for arts administration majors who were in town from UT Austin. I told my story (along with a few of my colleagues) about how I came to be in the position I'm in today. It felt great to sit up there and say: yes, I do have a BFA in performance; and yes, I am under 30; and yes, I did start out as the weekend janitor at NYTW six years ago and end up as a general manager at RTC.

After that, I had lunch with a lovely woman who is trying to figure out how to "break into" the non-profit theatre administration community. And it was very fulfilling to be able to openly and honestly convey that my current job is an extremely challenging and extremely rewarding job, to be able to talk intelligently about my role in the company and the company as a whole, and to share any small amount of wisdom I may have picked up along the way.

Not to mention my "pay it forward" moment when I was able to sneak it in to all the Austinites that someone who was a big source of support for me during my formative admin years is currently the Director of Membership at KLRU, (Austin PBS). I love when things come full circle - even if it's a small circle!

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