31 May, 2009


We are always in motion.  As much as we may want the superpower of being able to stop time and relish a particular moment of joy - or postpone a moment for which we think we may not be ready - the motion of life keeps going, keeps moving you along, regardless of how much we prepare.  

In a city where the subway swiftly & surely defies traffic to get you where you need to go, where it's common and almost necessary to move apartments on an annual basis, where there are a billion bustling people coming and going every day... especially in this city, the motion is palpable.

In a life where the responsibilities of love and work and family and friends are always present and constantly swirling in your mind and your heart, where events come at you without warning at warp speed, where the universe is deciding things for you before you even have a chance to consider them... especially in this life, the motion is thick with energy.

As we've said to ourselves since childhood, head against a tree, trying not to peek at what may be hiding right around the corner:  Ready or not.  Here I come.

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