13 May, 2009


"With great success comes great responsibility."

I'm usually pretty good with quotes... but I'm not sure who said this, nor am I sure that this is the actual quote. Regardless, I was thinking about this idea recently and this was the saying that kept creeping into my mind. To feel that you have a responsibility to those around you, and even the world, to return the favor, to share the wealth... especially in those times when you are particularly wealthy.

And I don't necessarily mean monetarily (although I do feel that is what the original intention of the quote was). I also mean when you have a wealth of knowledge, and you are responsible to help educate others. Or when you have a wealth of opportunity, and you are responsible to open any doors you might be able to open - even a crack - for those around you who might not have those opportunities, or might not see them. And when you have a wealth of happiness. Especially then.

When you are almost to the point of bubbling over with the joys of life there is simultaneously a feeling, a need to spread that wealth. To not be so selfish as to keep all of that happiness to yourself, but to open your arms wide to the world and rush forward with nothing but smiles. This is the responsibility I feel now. The responsibility to not be selfish. And the responsibility to share with as many people as I can the incredible joys.

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