07 June, 2009


I've recently been discovering the brilliant heart of THE WEST WING (thanks to some nudging by a big fan).  Although I watched this show every so often while it was running, I was never a religious fan - watching every episode - clearing whichever night of the week it was on TV so I could have an uninterrupted viewing hour.  I've never really been that kind of dedicated program-watcher.  However, with the incredibly complete entire series box set, I've been able to indulge a few lazy hours letting my mind (not to mention my emotions!) be swept away into the fascinating world of the White House, through the eyes of clever writers.  

One of the things that was mentioned in a recent episode was the idea of "cautious optimism"... and that phrase stuck with me & caused me to turn it over several times in my mind.  I appreciate the idea of being optimistic - and I would consider myself a glass-half-full kind of person.  I appreciate the idea of being cautious - and I'm not sure exactly how I would consider myself on the topic.  Sometimes I do take the stance of testing the waters before jumping in with two feet (usually in my work) and sometimes I err on the side of diving head first and trusting the faith to see me through (usually in my relationships).  Both have served me well; and in both cases, I should've used the opposite tactic.

Cautious optimism leads me to believe that you can somehow meld these two together.  And though I wonder if it's not just a tiny way to try to retain some control over all situations, rather than letting faith guide you... I also like the idea of protecting your happiness, like a thin shield between you and the unpredictable world around you.

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