10 August, 2009


Many people over the past few years have told me how wonderful Vermont is... friends, co-workers, even one person on the subway who overheard me talking to someone about taking a trip up there and felt the need to input his two cents about the lovely VT weather.

I'm spending the week up here with what is fast becoming my second family. First: Vermont is wonderful - rolling, lush green hills; a glistening lake; a view of the sunrise that almost made me cry the first morning I caught a sleepy glimpse. And second: the company is wonderful - a mix of family members that have done nothing but welcome me with arms wider than I could've hoped for.

There's the "matriarch" of the family who does all the tremendously delicious cooking (I'll post my reactions to my first taste of lobster soon). There's her daughter & son-in-law, a sweet couple whom I'll look forward to getting to know better and better; and their two young daughters - only a few years apart and wildly different in their fiercely independent personalities. There are my partner's parents, whom I already adore completely - but am feeling more comfortable around every day. And my beau, with whom I am in engaged in heated nightly card games... nothing but friendly competition and endearing teasing, of course.

After a week of a combination of relaxing and playing together under one roof (oh - complete with 3 dogs, 2 fish, and 1 hamster) I'm sure to feel the full wonder of being taken into the folds of another family.

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