26 September, 2009


One of the most common questions I've received while being pregnant: "So - do you have any weird cravings yet?"

I'm sure most pregnant women can relate to this question. And I wonder how many of them actually have "weird cravings"... or if that is one of those Pregnancy Legends. I've had a very lucky pregnancy so far - rare morning sickness (that actually did only occur in the morning for the first 3 months), not too many aches and pains (... yet!), and no real cravings for anything weird (or at least not enough to send my partner out on a special late-night shopping trip).

The things I do crave: dill pickles, all kinds of cereal, and most recently - apples.

Today alone I've had apple juice with my breakfast, 2 Macintosh apples as snacks, and a Caramel Apple Spice... and with at least 2 more hours of tech rehearsal to go, apple pie sounds like a great bedtime treat.

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  1. Apples! Your post is making me crave them too.I craved tomatoes with Bella, meat with Jack, and was completely unable to even look at meat with Juju, just wanted fruit. So strange how different it was each time.

    I'm glad you're feeling well. What's your due date again?