19 September, 2009


I had my first dream last night of my little girl.

A few women I know who are mothers have told me that they had dreams of their child before he or she was born... some strong, some vague, some funny.

Mine was quick - not long - a glimpse of a dream in-between sleeping and waking on a quiet Saturday morning. We were sitting: I was against a hard-backed chair or bench; she was on my lap, sideways, thin legs dangling over my mine, head against my chest, wispy & wavy golden hair against my cheek when I laid my head on hers. I suppose she was 2 or 3 years old. And we seemed to be watching her dad, a little ways off, doing something she didn't quite understand. And she kept asking "What's that?" And I didn't have an answer - which seemed perfectly acceptable in the dream.

But boy, the thing I remember most is how beautiful she was - even though I never really saw her face.

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