20 October, 2009

90 DAYS (reprise)

A while back, I wrote a blog called 90 DAYS. This morning, after a quick and easy OB appointment (where we got to see a 3-D image of our amazing daughter's little face) I was thinking a lot about those 90 day cycles... particularly how they relate to pregnancy (surprise, surprise - pregnancy is about the only thing I think about these days!).

The trimesters of pregnancy are broken up into basically three 90-day chunks: the first 90 days are filled with secrets and planning and carefulness, as you try to keep your mouth from spilling the news that your body is quickly beginning to show on its own; the second 90 days are filled with changes and planning some more and, if you're lucky, "that glow", as you feel that tiny miracle begin to move inside you and it becomes so much more a reality than before; the third 90 days I'm just beginning... although I suspect it will be filled with anticipation and still more planning and the blessing of a healthy baby.

So - for these next 90 days, (although I'm sure there will be much going on everyday as we get closer and closer to Grace's big moment!) I will attempt to post a blog every single day. And to capture at least a quick thought - of the many swirling in my head - holding it in one place long enough to share.

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  1. Thank goodness! I have been missing the dailys! I <3 you!