26 October, 2009


A beautiful friend moved down to DC a few months ago - I miss her so! - and she was telling me about the wonder of living in a city where the streets aren't overly packed with pedestrians and people actually say hello to each other when they pass on the sidewalk and the trees are abundant... all things that may have been a shock to her system after many years living in NYC.

One of the things I remember her telling me about was the crosswalk signs - and how they politely counted down the seconds to the red light, letting you know just how much time you had left to safely reach the other side.

A smile wide as the sky spread across my face when I saw the same countdown in Astoria this past weekend... and I suppose I was the only one of the hundreds of people swarming Steinway Street who laughed out loud at the crosswalk signal, flashing it's 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 at me. And definitely the only one for miles around who took a picture to capture the feeling of being close to my friend!

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