24 October, 2009


How lovely to have a normal everyday Saturday at home. A walk around the neighborhood this morning by myself - overcast skies and a drizzle of rain now and then, but 65 degrees and the leaves just starting to turn... so I didn't mind a bit. Stopped into the baby store to check out some strollers (so many to choose from!). Then a bit of lazy time in the afternoon with my beau; and another trip outside to do some casual errands - to the bank, to the coffee shop. Evening came and cooking began - making treats for tomorrow's Sunday brunch with friends and their new baby girl - and cleaning our apartment in between cooking timers. But one of my favorite things about normal days at home is sitting in the other room, listening & smiling, while talent and love pours out of those hands I adore - his hands - and fills our place with beautiful music.

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