12 November, 2009


To do: begin childbirth classes... check!

I am pleased to announce that we've made it through our first childbirth class - the introductory class. The class that felt a bit more like middle school sex education than an adult course to help funnel your anxiety into positive, calming action. But overall, I claim it as a success. We did a "Dear Baby" note writing exercise (during which we were the only couple who didn't say that we were nervous), a group discussion about what we hoped to learn in the class, we seemed to pass by "Lamaze" rather quickly with only a few breathing examples, talked about the stages of labor, did a few relaxation techniques (which reminded me of a combination of acting and yoga classes I've had...) and then watched a video.

Mostly what I remember from the class was not the new things I learned, or the notes I took, or the reinforcement of knowledge I already had... but it was the feeling of comparing myself - our couple - to the other 8 or so couples in the room... and seeing how we stacked up!

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