30 November, 2009


Until this past weekend, the last time I remember singing "Amazing Grace" was at the funeral for my Grandma Ayers. I have a hazy memory of that day... but I strongly remember how difficult it was to get through that song. I had to focus on only my singing - not the emotion of the day - just to get my voice to sound half-way decent and not simply weep through it. My father's parents held such a special place in my heart & it's bittersweet to be having my first child, knowing that she'll never get to meet those wonderful people.

But, as always, life's circle keeps spinning and going 'round...

This weekend, at our baby shower, we sang "Amazing Grace" again. And this time - with a room full of people that I love dearly - I didn't even try to sing well... I had no choice but to let the emotion of the moment take over and I cried with the best of them. And as I listened to the words and saw my own parents, I realized that they will be my daughter's Grandma & Grandpa Ayers. And although she'll not know the exact grandparents I had - she'll know my parents, her grandparents. And there will be a bond between the three of them that's just as special.

Ah, Life. You're so wonderful.

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