19 December, 2009


We graduated!
As you can see by this very official certificate, we are now the proud graduates of our childbirth course. Our final class was a tour of the hospital - we saw the construction-laden entrance (as they work to improve the outside appearance), the slow but spacious elevators to the 8th floor (where we'll head as soon as we're in labor), the "triage" room where it'll be determined by a nurse whether or not we should be admitted into the hospital or if we're having a false alarm, the labor and delivery room (complete with private bathroom, shower, and all the fancy medical equipment you could want), and the cramped-but-who-cares-because-you'll-have-your-BABY-to-keep-you-occupied recovery room (where we'll spend about 2 days after delivery until we get to go home).

And when walking by the nursery we got the special treat of seeing an hours-old newborn, who cried his or her eyes out for about 5 seconds before apparently wearing himself or herself out and promptly falling asleep. Oh, they're so cute. I can't believe we're having one & she's almost here!!

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