10 January, 2010


I feel as though my partner and I have had an "Ah-Hah" moment today. We're sync-ed. Our minds are linked up about a potential project that has us both creating and imagining and envisioning things about our future (and our child's) that excite us both. The idea sparked after church today when we were talking about how to teach our daughter the beliefs we have, the pillars by which we are trying to live our lives, without necessarily having a "church" to go to that fully encompasses those beliefs.

How to infuse those beliefs into our lives beyond just the home, beyond setting an example within our family; how to break it down into simpler stories or parables, like more established religions already do; how to tell those stories in a way that are relate-able and manageable instead of going from 0 to 60, from nothing to Something, from vague to concrete... a bridge, perhaps. A path. A wooden sign along the trail that helps to affirm your direction.

The possibilities of it all make my head spin (in a good way!). And the potential adventure of creating something that's important to both of us - and especially with my partner, whom I love and trust and in whom I have so much faith - is more inspiring than anything I've felt in quite some time.

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  1. What an incredible gift!! You give me hope that this all actually exists, and that I will have it one day too, when the time is absolutely right.

    You have a really awesome blog ma' dear. ;)