26 January, 2010


I had always assumed that when you started having labor contractions, they'd sort of hit you over the head or knock the wind out of you or something so you would know it was really happening...

But not true.  Or at least not true for me.  In an effort to "naturally" induce labor, I had acupuncture performed on me yesterday afternoon - and since about 9:45pm last night, I've been having minor 30-second-ish contractions every hour.  That's 18 hours already of a nudging reminder, every 60 minutes or so, that I'm kind of getting started with the whole labor/delivery thing, but not quite there yet.

While this is definitely an exciting sign, I'm also trying to follow my partner's advice of "not getting too much in my head" about it today.  I'm sure the hit-you-over-the-head contractions will start soon enough - so I'll enjoy these mild ones for now & just recognize them as green signs along the labor highway, letting me know I'm still in the right lane.

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  1. I enjoy what you've said here about “at least true for me.” I recall at dinner a few weeks ago you were saying that you were prepared for the before baby and for Gus to be here but the getting here part is a giant mystery because it’s so different for everyone. You’re learning hour by hour what it is for you, at this time, with your firstborn. If I know you at all, I know you’ll hold on to all of it and embrace unraveling the mystery.