23 January, 2010


One of the bloggers that I love to read is an editor of the Silicon Valley Moms Blogs. She was one of my first employers when I moved to NYC, as I had the sheer joy of a job looking after her beautiful daughter for about 2 years while she & her husband worked during the weekdays. After different jobs, having another 2 kids, and moving to NJ for a while, this amazing woman, her husband, her 3 incredible kids, and her love of writing and cooking have taken up residence in my home-state of Ohio. I adore being able to catch up with her life via the world wide web.

Recently, she posted a note that if one were interested in being a contributing writer to the SV Moms Blogs, one could fill out this handy dandy application form. And as the event of my own motherhood is just around the corner, I submitted:

I grew up in Ohio (same wonderful house for 18 years) and have now lived 7 years in NYC. I always assumed that I'd somehow end up back in Ohio, married with children. Now just having entered my 30th year in this crazy world, I find myself in a committed (but un-married) relationship with an incredible partner and about to give birth to our first baby girl - in a city that challenges my ideas of how to raise a child and be a family and thrive, every day. A city that is a far cry from the warm, small town feeling of my Ohio home. My blog started out as a way to stay connected to my Ohio family... and is slowly continuing to evolve into an expression of how to become a family in New York City.

There is no doubt a long waiting list of mom bloggers from NYC that would like to get in on this group - so we'll just have to see what happens. But I like the idea of being part of this community

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