23 February, 2010


Last year for Lent, I gave up alcohol.   Those 40 days morphed into 10 more months as I prepared for the coming of our baby girl... and as I'm the sole provider of our daughter's nutrition, it's still a rare occasion that I enjoy a full bodied shiraz.  (And I do enjoy it!)

As I wrote a year ago, I choose to give up something for Lent not because of the religious dogma but because I love the idea of setting aside something special during this time before Easter - giving something up, or doing more of something, or simply creating a daily act that allows me to remember that I'm part of something bigger.

But with all the new-ness in my life right now, and especially the new responsibilities revolving around my child, I can't seem to think of anything significant to do for Lent.  I guess what I mean is that I feel like I've already done something so significant (and I marvel at it every time I look at that baby girl) that deciding to "give up chocolate" or the like seems mundane in comparison.

And there are some things I'm giving up by having her.  And I am definitely doing more of something.  And every day she reminds me that I'm part of something bigger.   Perhaps my daughter is my Lent.

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  1. Beautiful, Rachel. She is and will always be.