27 February, 2010


They're few and far between... the posts where I will recommend and actually quote something from The Post:  the New York Post, that is.  Normally it's a paper that turns my stomach - and the only time you'll catch me looking at it is if someone happened to leave their copy on the subway and the crossword puzzle page is still available for my handy pen. 

HOWEVER!  I find myself quite pleased by the recent positive buzz given to a new musical at one of my favorite off-Broadway theatres.  CLICK HERE to read the blurb.  Smile with me over the words, "Whatever its fate, THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS is Kander, Ebb and Stroman at their best. Which is to say, it's a major American musical."  And then try to remember, like I am trying to do, that this infamous columnist isn't always that bad.

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