16 March, 2010

88 GOING ON...


A good friend of mine is a Golden Girls lover and it's nothing short of pure entertainment to watch him watch those feisty 80-year-olds going through their episodic antics.  He can recite scripted banter between Blanche and Dorothy, has used Ma punch lines in everyday conversation, and giggles with Rose with the best of them.  (He even caught - immediately - that Bea Arthur was not included in this year's Oscar tribute to those who've passed on.  Shame on you, Academy.)

Starting with what I thought was one of the two funny Superbowl ads this year, (the other being this one) Golden Girl Betty White seems to have been making a come-back.  An 88-year-old come back, mind you.  This woman is unstoppable.  And hilarious - can make a good joke and laugh at herself and has no plans to "retire" anytime soon.

In the works:  a new sitcom, Hot In Cleveland; guest starring in the season finale of The Middle; and the event I've already got my Tivo set for (well... I would if I had a Tivo... or is DVR the cool thing, now?) - hosting SNL on May 8th.  

Betty White, I want to be just like you when I grow up.

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  1. Your friend should LOVE this.