01 March, 2010


She's a month old already!  Catch up on some of what our daughter's been up to in those 30 days...

Being born (that's hard work!)
Breastfeeding (not an easy task to learn)
Socializing (starting with visitors on Day Two)
Growling like an animal (especially when she's hungry)
Watching Superbowl XLIV (a Saints fan all the way)
Hiccuping (though she has trouble getting rid of them)
Meeting grandparents and uncles and aunts (without even leaving home!)
Sleeping like a champ (but not so much between 10pm - 2am)
Checking out tech rehearsal at the theatre (learning the ropes early)
Holding her head up while on her tummy (for about 5 seconds)
Riding the subway (for free - that's the best way)
Sneezing (and then immediately following it up with a really cute sigh)
Listening to daddy sing at church (so well behaved!)
Smiling (they say it's a reflex, but I think it's cause she likes us)
Locking eyes with mama (and melting her heart - even at 2 in the morning)


  1. Can't wait to meet this little lady!!

  2. aawww...i love the sneeze and sigh!

  3. I've been wondering how our little girl's been doing...one month! So hard to believe! Grammy

  4. 2a.m.feedings are mommy & Grace moments... while she studies your face and snuggles in your arms and you realize each night what an incredible miracle she is and how blessed you are. Love grows and you will hold these moments in your heart forever... You can catch up on your sleep anytime. Love, mamaw xoxoxo