24 March, 2010


It happened.  
It finally happened.  
Our baby slept through the night.

After some cuddle time, her daddy put her in her crib around 12:30 AM - she wasn't fully asleep, but she was drowsy and well on her way... and then the most amazing thing occurred:  she put herself to sleep (instead of having to be rocked or held).  And then, an even more amazing thing occurred:  I woke up at 4:15 AM and found myself doing the breathing check (sneaking into her room to make sure she was okay - and found her sound asleep with her hands near her mouth).  And here it is - 8:30 AM - and she finally woke up, had her diaper changed by dad (while mom was in the most wonderful shower of her life after having her first full night of sleep in months!) and is happily feeding.  

I feel like I now understand the superstitious traditions of a sports team on a winning streak:  what was she wearing yesterday?  When did she eat?  What did I eat?  When did she nap?  What was the routine?  And how much of it can we replicate to make sure we win again!?

One thing's for sure:  her dad put her to bed.  He must have the magic touch.  And you can bet he'll be doing that again tonight.


  1. Bravo!!! I knew the two of you would be able to gently guide Grace into a schedule that meshes with your schedules. Remember, even if it doesn't happen again tonight... Relax... You're on the right track and it will happen again and again and again... xoxo

  2. HUZZAH!! At last...we're so proud of Grace and happy for YOU!