26 May, 2010


Isn't it funny how you sometimes end up right back where you began?  I often do this with my outfit each morning (my beau can attest to the pile of options that ends up on our bed as I stumble out the door)... starting with one look, trying on a dozen others, only to end up wearing the first thing I picked out.  And now I've done it with my blog.

This current format is the one I used three years ago when I first began blogging as a way for my family in other states to keep up with my crazy New York life.  The minor differences:  the background was black instead of white and the columns were switched (blog on the left, other stuff on the right).  And then, I got antsy.  I got bored.  I wanted to change it up.  It started with the picture I had at the top near the title - I changed that from a pair of hands, to an OM symbol, to a pregnant tummy.  I changed the color of the links and the headers.  I changed the order of the side bars.  And then I changed the template.  I went from two columns to three columns - whoa!  It was wild!

And now, after a few days of bouncing back and forth between several different looks, trying them on like a dozen different outfits... only to end up back where I began - in the same black top & jeans (my "go to" classic style).  It's comfortable.  It suits me.  It makes me feel like I know where I am, what I'm doing, where I want to go.  And I like it.

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