30 July, 2010


Rambling thought on this Friday...

Went to Starbucks this morning (a treat for myself to get the weekend off to a good start!) and after about the 4th person who was in line behind me picked up their drink from the exhausted-looking barista, I came to the conclusion that my drink had gone missing from the queue.  So I quietly, politely, without raising a fuss, asked the overwhelmed lady by the espresso machine to make my iced tall vanilla latte.  And she apologized and made me my drink within moments... but it wasn't quite my drink. It was a venti (read: too large for Rachel).

For those of you unfamiliar with Starbucks (and I suppose I'm mostly addressing my immediate non-coffee-drinking family here), a "tall" is the smallest size - and even at that, it's 12oz. - which is more than the amount of a true "cup of coffee".  Regardless, the 12oz. version is now widely considered to be the one serving that an 8oz. cup used to be.  Keeping this in mind, let's consider the "venti" - the largest Starbucks size.  The iced (having a cup that holds more than it's hot cup equivalent) is a whopping 24oz. which, if we're all keeping up with our math, is double the amount of coffee I requested and three times the amount that I actually needed... and yes, I realize that you could argue the point of whether I "need" coffee at all or not.

For those of you familiar with my coffee drinking habits (and I suppose I'm mostly addressing my husband here), on a good day, I can barely finish 1/2 of my tall (small) iced coffee.  So a venti - although intended, I'm sure, to be a kind way of making up for a mistake - seems daunting to me... and yes, I realized that there are those out there who would trade places with me any day to get 24oz. of iced deliciousness while only having to pay the tall (small) price. 

(And I suppose paying only $3.55 for a coffee is another blog post all to itself!)

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