01 February, 2011


Photo 32/365

In just one year, you...

* were born
* learned to roll from your tummy to your back
* had your first cold
* started sleeping through the night
* learned to hold a bottle by yourself
* started teething
* traveled to Ohio and Maryland and Vermont
* began to crawl
* moved to the "big kid" room at day care
* started eating solid foods
* discovered your scream
* started saying "mama" and "dada"
* learned you can make people laugh
* learned to wave hi and bye-bye
* started giving us "kisses"
* decided which toys were your favorites
* enjoyed your first thanksgiving dinner
* moved into your own big room
* had your first christmas
* can tell us where your tummy is and your toes
* discovered that dancing is fun
* started to imitate us
* took a few tentative first steps
* proved you love lasagna and pancakes
* can say "no" when you don't want something
* opened many presents on your first birthday
* have changed our lives forever

Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter!

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