19 May, 2011


A wonderful thought, written by Shane Portman (check him out!)...
I believe the world will only end as the result of one of two outcomes:
1.  People completely stop caring about each other and we destroy the Earth and ourselves.
2.  People decide to put an end to suffering-to do whatever they can to make every neighbor happy and secure. The world does not necessarily end in this scenario. But, the world as we know it does.
I believe in making the latter happen. And I believe that it only takes a single person to prevent the former.
I believe in springtime and bandages. I believe in the crack of a smile after panic attacks and heartache, knowing that one day that smile will mature into a giggle and the giggle into an all-out laugh.

I believe that belief in something mixed with action will someday accomplish the goal. And I believe whole-heartedly that these beliefs are not naïve because I know that they are the difference between living in fear of an end and realizing that, with every new day, comes a brand new beginning.

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