02 October, 2011

DAY 2 - Baby Clothes/Blankets

The 24 Things Clearing Challenge 
encourages you to make room in your home, heart, and mind to create an inspired future

So I must be honest and tell you that although I gave up processed foods yesterday, I didn't make it the whole day without ingesting any. Instead of thinking what I want to think, ("Day 1... fail.") I'm choosing to start again today; to decide again that I will rise above the easy choice of soda and french fries. And I will continue choosing that "road less traveled" each day. It won't always be perfect - but I will always make the choice.

That being said, today's 24 Things action is to go through my daughter's baby clothes and blankets. She's just a few months from her 2-year-old birthday (hard to believe!) and she's a tall gal. She's been in 24-month clothes and 2 Ts for quite a while now... so it's time to go through some of those tiny yet adorable outfits I've been hanging on to, and give them to someone less fortunate.

We also have a shelf full of baby blankets. We got an avalanche of them when we first had our little girl. She was born in February. And although we used a few of them, most just sat on the shelf - unfolded, uncuddled. It's getting colder now. Even though it's only October, those winter winds are showing themselves to be fast approaching. And every year at this time, my mind starts to drift toward thinking of those who can't rely on the comfort of a heated home - or even a home at all - and would welcome those blankets for their children with open arms. We'll lovingly set aside those few blankets with special meaning, handmade for us by friends and family, and part with the rest.

So I did a little research and have decided to take the 3-4 trash bags full of gently (or never) used baby clothes, blankets, and a few toys to The Saratoga Family Inn in Queens, NY. Established in 1987, it houses an average of 255 families with approximately 375 children. They have a Wish List of items and a good mission to help those less fortunate get back on their feet.

The results of this day's letting go: giving warm blankets to babies who might not otherwise have any; accepting my daughter's wonderful growth into a "big girl"; feeling like I'm helping others while helping myself - a great combination.


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