09 November, 2011

Dear Raisa

Today I'm sending a special thanks to Raisa. (I'm pretty sure that's her name; she told me about a week ago and I remember it mostly because it's so different.) Now, I don't drink coffee every day... usually just when I have to start my morning earlier than usual - like today. But no matter what time I head into the local Starbucks on our corner, Raisa is there. And always with a smile on her face.

She seems to be in a perpetual good mood. And while I'm sure that's not exactly accurate, I've honestly never seen her otherwise. She greets each customer with warmth and attention, as if she truly cares about how the coffee she'll make will improve their day. And perhaps she really does!

To Raisa: thanks for having a smile on your face, no matter how early it is... your joy and your 1 Pump Vanilla Latte skills make my morning.

30 DAYS OF THX project inspired by ThxThxThx (#30daysofthx)

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