26 February, 2013


"In a global culture that requires creative problem solvers and craves innovation, schools must cultivate dynamic, adaptive thinking. And where do creative problem solving, imagination, divergent thinking, and experiential learning come together every day? 

The fine and performing arts.

When a child creates a world on a blank canvas, an actor brings Henry V to life on stage, or a musician awakens the brilliance of Mozart, they not only immerse themselves in some of the finest culture known to humankind, they involve themselves in the process of meaning-making. But just as important as the gallery exhibit, the finished dance, or the choir concert, are the hours spent in the studio: risking, experimenting, failing, succeeding, and growing.

The fine and performing arts are the crucible that stretches one’s potential, expands one’s mind, alters one’s life for the better. It’s the day-to-day experience of making art on the stage or in the studio that plays a major role in preparing students for life." 

-Kevin Costa, Director of Fine & Performing Arts at McDonogh School


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