22 March, 2013


Living with less. It's an idea that I really would like to embrace... but it's hard. It's hard to change anything about ourselves - and it's especially hard when society is beckoning you in the opposite direction. But when I start to think about my own personal debt (which we are working hard to eliminate by using some of the methods on this website) and our country's national debt (which is comically explained in this video) I often start to wonder if I really need all of this stuff.

These two videos inspire me. Graham Hill made more money by the time he was 30 than most of us will make in our lifetime - yet he currently lives in NYC in a 420-square foot apartment. Granted, it's a pretty awesome, highly individualized apartment that was probably very expensive to create. He's on a mission to change the way we think about stuff and his TED talk "Less Stuff, More Happiness" makes me want to join his bandwagon.

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